Close your eyes and imagine when you were about 7 years old, when the definition of what was important in life was superheroes and fairy tales. Now imagine that all the greatest super heroes on the face of earth like The Avengers with Captain America, Thor, Iron man, and The Hulk decided to raise you as their own as your parent or guardian. Now in your seven-year-old mind you would think that this is the coolest thing that has ever happened sense Disneyland, to you it would be considered “AWESOMEEE!” Although, what is astonishing is that the imagination of being raised by your favorite super heroes is my reality. My super hero is my grandpa, and you would have never guessed that he has super powers, but he does. He has mega strength, he could always carry all the groceries in to the house in ONE stop. He has mind reading skill because he always knew what was wrong with someone even if he has not seen them in years. He has more stamina than a jaguar because he was able to sleep for hours, even in the day time. He has super sense of smell because he always knew what my grandma was cooking even if he was upstairs or outside. He has super intelligence because he played any instrument imaginable, and he knew all the notes without looking at a paper. He was also pastor so even god knew about his super powers; I’m pretty sure god gave him his powers, so he kind of like Thor. Although, my favorite super power was his ability to be kind to everyone he meets. One would ask if kindness is even a super power but in fact its possibly the greatest super power one could ever have. But my grandpa would always use his super powers or good. He would fight against all my enemies whether it be my parents, teachers, coaches, or even child hood bullies. My grandfather would kill with kindness.

When I was young my grandparents would take care of my sibling and I while my parents were at work. Every weekday we would at my grandparents house until my mom came home from work, which often was very late because she worked a lot to provide for my siblings and me. I didn’t have a problem with my parents absents because they were divorced, and I knew they were off in the world trying to take care of us finically. As a child growing up It didn’t matter if my parents were gone because I looked at my grandparents as if they were my own parents, not because I resented my parents or didn’t respect their divorce, but because I spent every moment of adolescent life with my grandparents. My grandparents raised me and had all the parental duties down like feeding us, making sure we did our homework, taking us to and from school, and just everything a parent would have done if it were their own child.

My fondest memories as a child would be spending the day with my grandpa. My grandpa and I were inseparable like two peas in a pod. We would do all the normal stuff that super heroes did like fighting against the weeds in my grandma’s garden, killing the big spiders inside the garage, or any “activities,” which is just a nicer word for chores, that my grandpa had to do before my grandma would start complaining. Although, it didn’t matter what we did I was like my grandpa’s side kick always fighting for justice, and for my grandma. Once we finished all our chores my grandpa would take us what he called the “candy store,” which was our local gas station. I remember those rides as if they were yesterday; my brother and I would rush to put on our shoes as my grandpa says, “okay kids its about that time lets go get gas.” The excitement would rise up in our chest as we would race out the door leaving my grandpa in the dust and screaming at the top of our lunges “open the car!!”You could hear my grandpa say “Okay kids hold on,” and you could hear my grandpas footsteps as he walked like a sloth to the car, at least it felt like that because we were so young and inpatient. In the background of our complaining you would hear my grandmas voice echoing as she would yell at my grandpa multiple times “Don’t get them so much candy they still need to eat dinner” “okay Marge I promise I won’t” would always be my grandpas answer. We would all laugh at my grandma because we all knew my grandpa would break that promise to my grandma. Then after it felt like an hour passed, my grandpa would open the car; and as if it were a contest on who can put on their seat belt the fastest, my brother and I would jump in and buckle up as if our life depended on it. Then the sweetest sound arose, the car engine would start up, the windows would be put down, and we would start to drive. You could feel the nice breeze hit your face lightly, it was satisfying because we knew we were on our way to candy land where we could get anything we wanted. In those short moments within that drive my grandpa would ask my brother and I how my day was going and what challenges I was facing today. I always had minor problems as an adolescent, but they felt like they were major all the time, but my grandpa always knew what to say, he gave me advice on anything and everything. He gave the best advice and I would look forward to those car rides not because I was excited to get candy, although that was a plus, but mainly because I would get to talk to grandpa.

When I got older my grandpa and I continued that tradition of going to the candy store and him giving me advice. My grandpa was always there for me to guide me through my big or small problems and he did it all willingly because he loved me. Those talk even now are way more than just a car ride to get some sweets because I learned morals and life lessons with every trip. From him raising me and just being a big figure in my life, I took to always be kind to others as my grandfather was kind to me. He showed me how to show love and spread kindness to others even in the simplest form like going to the candy store. Most importantly he showed me that the quality time and communication of talking to each other is very important in any relationship in life. I was fortunate enough to have a sponsor like my grandfather, and I would love to continue to spread that kindness with others as he did with me because everyone really needs a trip to the candy store. My grandpa is my superhero because he always has my back, he is my best friend and he showed me how to be the best version of myself by being kind to others. My grandpa taught me more than just morals he taught me how to be a super hero just like him.