Have you ever have to use your opposite foot? I did, I had to use my left foot more often as I got older in my style of play in soccer which was a hard thing to do. I’m going to focus on the down falls and also the positives of it and how I enhanced it more in my game. I enhanced in so many aspects of my play such as learning to dribble,control, and shoot with it.

Soccer has been my life since I was alittle kid, since then I have loved the game. When I first started soccer it came natural to me. I mean I wasn’t all there when I started obviously, but I knew all the basics at first. As I got older and older I mastered all of the basics of the sport. As I got older soccer started to get more difficult for me but that never stopped me until I hit about Jr. High. I got called to the ODP US soccer camp. The ODP US soccer camp was a camp where the top players went to perform and get called to play and the highest level.

As I entered the camp, I soon came to realize that using my left foot is going to be a necessity. The camp was a weekend camp where I got to experience the highest level as a kid in the sport I love but it didn’t turn out so well. Throughout the whole camp there was a lot of coaches walking around l guiding kids and informing them what they could improve on. The coaches were very intelligent they sounded like the knew what they were doing, most of them were great coaches. As were doing a drill it contained mostly to use your left foot more. I struggled the whole way through the drill. The drill was so complicated for myself that I wasn’t able to use my left foot correctly.

It was awful that I was giving awful passes,not leading the player correctly with the ball, not being able control the ball properly with my left that the coach stopped the drill to show me how to use my left foot correctly in the drill. It was embarrassing for me because every other player was just watching me get taught but I also took it personal and took the drill into consideration so i could improve. After we finished the drill we wrapped it up so we could scrimmage each other to call it a day. So the coaches divided us equally into two teams and the first starting 11 took the field. I was on the bench to start off the scrimmage.

As the game went on and I started to warm up, the coach pulled me aside and asked me what position I play. I replied saying Right Mid or Middle, but he knew and saw me struggle in the drill that he told me he is going to place me on the left side to see how it goes. As I entered the game and took the left side of the pitch and as the game went on I ended the half playing decently on the left side. The second half is where everybody and the game started to pick up a faster pace. Through the whole game I started to do a lot of errors like losing the ball when I received it with my left foot, I wasn’t able to give a pass because of a horrible kick with my left, I wasn’t able to shoot well on target with my left.

The coach ended up taking me off and sat me the rest of the game. The next day I came out with a positive attitude. Throughout the whole practice I was asking questions on how to to use my foot correctly, how to control it better and how to shoot it properly. I was doing the drills so much better than I did the day before that the coaches even complimented me on it and said I was improving as we finished all the drills once again we finished the camp with a final game. As we started the game I was able to get another shot and was able to start and play on the same side as yesterday.

As the game went on I was doing so much better with my left that I even got a goal at the end of the game. The coaches wrapped up the Camp by thanking everyone who came out to play and supported and announced that he would take 11 players to continue training with him and the rest of the coaches. I wasn’t one of the 11 players that was able to stay and continue training but I didn’t take the weekend as a loss because I knew I had the positive and negative notes through the whole weekend.

I took it as an a improvement in my style of play because I learned a lot through the the camp and that I will enhance it in my play as I continue to play. Even tho I didn’t make it later on after the camp I ended up winning MVP Offensive player of the year for my League with most of my goals with my left by how I raised it in my style of play.