The time that I first started driving was the weirdest feeling ever. As a kid, I always walked to school and having the desire to drive always crossed my mind. It was something that I always wanted to do since I was ten. When I passed the permit testing and got my permit I felt so happy. It’s because I failed it twice and I did not want to fail it anymore. It’s funny how passing a paper test lets you drive with no experience whatsoever. That’s why we have to drive with someone with the age of 25 years or older. My mom helped me out with driving, and it was an incredible experience. When I got enough experience in driving with the help of my mom, she cut me loose and she lets me drive by myself. Every time she needs food she always sends me and brother to store to get the good stuff. The funny thing is that I don’t have my license and I sometimes drive with my permit at home. Always keep ur permit in your wallet or car.

Every time I got in the car I never put my seatbelt. Just because I forget about it when I get in the car. Another thing I forget is my turn signals. I kept training myself to put my seatbelt and use my turn signal. I notice how some people hate it when people don’t use their signals. The final problem I have is my braking. For example, I sometimes break too hard and everyone starts flying out the car. Another example would have to be I break too early and I’m the way too far away from the crosswalk. I have to start using my turn signals, seatbelt and properly use my breaks if I ever want to be safe from the world and try not to kill anyone. I always go over the other lane because I couldn’t drive straight as a rookie. Everybody makes mistakes in life and mine were the turn signals, seatbelt, braking, and trying to stay in my lane.

I love my mother, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been here. Whether it is at Chaffey or my driving skill. After all the yelling she did whenever I messed up, it still helped me to learn. After her help, I got a driving instructor. Getting one for 6 hours in total, 2 hours a day was expensive. It was around $215 per person. My brother also got an instructor so it added up to $430. I and my brother had the same instructor for the 3 days. The first day of my training went so well. I was nervous at first because I thought he was going to yell at me for making mistakes like how my mom did, but it turned out that he liked my driving and it was way better than most of his students who drove with him. I thought he was just joking about it but turned out he wasn’t he was being honest about it. I did what he said and he said that I was a really great driver. My mom doesn’t think that way, but inside I believe I was the best. The second day came by and it was the same guy, I call him a guy because he never told me his name, gave me a welcome and took me to the car. There was something up with that day. All because I couldn’t  parrel park. In my defense, it was my first time and it’s hard. Overall I did pretty great.

On the third day, I drove on the freeway. I was so terrified of it because the speed limit is around 70 mph. I was used to the 45 mph but switching it up to 70 was horrifying. He even said asked me if you would like to go to the freeway. I couldn’t turn down the offer, it would make me look weak, I was his favorite student. We made our way to the freeway and surprisingly it felt smooth and easy. It felt just like driving on a normal street. The only problem I had was to slow down when I got out the freeway. I had an amazing time with the guy, he helped me improve, I still don’t know how to parallel park. I learned that if you want the good stuff in the world you have to try hard and never give up.

After the three days with the driving instructor, I felt like a professional driver. He taught me all the stuff I need to know. The good stuff he taught me was very useful and sometimes I would catch my mom not doing the stuff the instructor had taught me. I would try to correct her but she said to “never correct my mistakes.” She said “I’m always right because I’m your mother.” So I just agreed with her logic. I’ve drove to my high school as soon as I had the three days with the instructor. And I also drive to Chaffey college every Tuesday and Thursday. Like I said before, I don’t have my license just my permit. I have a behind the wheel test on the 7th of February so wish me luck. Hopefully, I don’t forget all the stuff he taught me by the 7th. Driving is just like walking, when you trip while walking you fall down and if you skid while driving you can possibly get into an accident. It feels the same as swimming if you stop moving you drown. It takes practice when it comes to driving. Not everyone is gifted with eyes to see or both working legs. People with the disability like those can’t be allowed to drive. They can bring harm to themselves and to other people. I write about this like no one has driven a car before. I’m the only 16-year-old teen in the class. Pretty much everyone in the class has a child. So they are all old and been driving for a couple of years. I hope this makes an impact for the youngster for the future.