“The Money Game”

Ever since I had my first job in high school and had a taste for my own money, I have always been interested on how money works and how it can work for me. I have always wanted to learn how I could make more, and more of it. I have always wanted to know how to invest, or even where to even begin to invest my money. Just like all of us, we want a lot of money for whatever personal reasons we may have. For me it is not the fact that I just want a lot of money just to be rich, I want a lot of money so I can start to learn how to control it, how to control its power. I wanted to learn how to manage money so that I can live comfortably. Through my life, I have had numerous jobs. I have a lot of work field experience. There were times were I made a lot of money, and their where times where I barely made any money. Since I was fourteen years old, I have had a job. Just because I so attracted to money. Not what I can buy with it, but what I can do with it. I had no idea where to start on my self-education when it came to Finances, until my phone rang three years ago and it was my sponsor of literacy.

I had just got home from work, and was sitting on the couch watching the game. I heard my phone ringing and noticed it was my bother in-law calling. I decided to pick up the phone and after some conversation with him, he ended up asking me “Do you know what it is that I do for a living?” I responded and said, “I know you own your own business in financial services.” He replied “Yes, but have you ever seen it in person?” I said, “No I haven’t.” He responded, “I just opened up a brand new office near you. You should come down next week to check it out for yourself.” For some reason with no hesitation, I said yes. I have a lot of respect for my brother in law. He was in the sheriff’s department for about fifteen years and after sometime he ended up retiring, started his own business in financial services, and has made one hell of a lucrative business for himself. About a week later, I ended up driving down to his new office. As I walked in, I met some of his associates who were very friendly and down to earth. My brother in-law ended having a full-blown presentation for me and some other guest. It was about a forty-five minute presentation. They went over all the financial concepts about saving, investing, and planning for retirement. I was hooked, I wanted in. This is what I had been waiting for for-sometime. I just did not know where to look for it, until I walked into that office.

About a week later, I met up with my brother in-law. He gave me the run down on how the financial industry works. He told me that He could mentor me, take me under his wing and show me the ropes. I had known my brother in law for years prior to us talking about financial services. I’ve seen how successful he is and that he had a very strong foundation for his business.
I agreed, and the next day I went into business with him. On the very first day of me being an associate, he taught me the fundamentals of money. How it works. This was the very thing I had been looking for since I was in high school when I had my very first job. We went over Savings programs, and the importance of saving now rather than later. He taught me about investing. The different types of markets out there, and which accounts could make more money than others could. The different returns I could see, and that over time that my money could work for me instead of me working for my money.
He also taught me how to set up retirement accounts for potential clients. We went over how much we need to have for retirement once we are ready to retire. The first couple of days joining the industry I was in the zone. I wanted to learn as much as I could. I figured if we need money in our lives in order for our worlds to go round and round, then why not try to master the basic-fundamentals on money managing. Therefore, that is what I did. For next six month’s I picked my brother in laws brain about everything. I went with him on some of his appointments with his clients so that I could get a real feel on what it is like to sit down with somebody and go over their finances. As I sat there, I really became interested on the different ways we can actually help people. There was a certain type of passion that came out of all this. The simple fact that we can help people out financially, so that they could meet their personal goals in life. After my training, I ended up building my own list of client’s. I applied all the tools that were given to me. It has been three years now and I still moving strong. I make sure I educate myself every chance I get in the financial industry in order to be updated on all the new laws and regulations.The best part of all this is that everything I have ever learned about money managing is applied to my personal life.

I find it pretty cool that more than half my life I’ve always wanted to know about money managing, and the fact that my brother in law has been in that industry for years and has his own business, worked out perfectly. I think having a Sponsor of Literacy like my brother in law, is very important to have in people’s lives. They are the type of people that can teach you, mentor you, and look up too for advice. They are the people that guide us where we want to be. Weather somebody wants to be a musician, a doctor, law enforcement, the list goes on and on, you will need some type of form of literacy or your own type of “Mr. Miyagi”. We need to be taught in order to perform.