“Always keep your eyes moving and be cautions of your surroundings” was my mom’s advice as I started to come to age to learn how to drive. While my dad’s advice was always keep your eyes out for the cops.” I was getting nervous just thinking about driving in a few weeks. Knowing my dad he would go ahead and put me to drive without even asking if I was okay with it.

My first drive was a few months ago before my eighteenth birthday. My dad had told me that we were going to the store to buy groceries and to be ready when he got home. During the drive back home, we started to talk about what I was going to do after I graduated. He kept giving me advice for my future and he kept telling me that I had to start learning how to drive. My dad was telling me that I had to start practicing, he also kept insisting I make a DMV appointment. The drive back home was taking forever. We had gone to Fontana just because my mom didn’t like the grocery store in Rialto. We had taken our black 2007 black Camry, with back tinted windows and silver rims. Our car was still dirty from the past day’s rain, it had white spots of water on the windows. I was tired as hell that day, it was a long day at work for me. Coming back from El Super got me more exhausted. I was just dosing off to sleep when he pulled us aside and told me to get out of the car.  We were in the black car that day thank god it wasn’t a big car because it would have been way harder to control.  I didn’t even see it coming, I didn’t want to get out I was scared. My mind was going crazy just thinking about what could happen to us. My first thoughts where that at any moment cops could stop me and take the car. The negative thoughts kept coming. I kept thinking I was going to crash into someone else and them were going to sue us. The list was endless but I was motionless in the passenger seat. I was scared. My hand didn’t stop shaking. My eyes were getting watery because I was freaking out. I kept started to argue with him that I didn’t want to drive. I was acting like a baby.

 “NO Dad I don’t want to. I’m scared. What if a cop comes and takes the car?”

He just said “Nothing’s going to happen and it’s late, there’s never that many cops.” While just dangling the keys in my face.  I had almost convinced him that it wasn’t safe to let me drive because it was getting dark when my sister the big mouth told my dad, “Hey don’t let her chicken out. You made me drive even when I was scared to but you didn’t leave me off the hook.” I was so furious that he didn’t leave me off the hook he had stopped the car again and made me get out of the car to drive. I was pissed at my sister. I turned around and told her that I was going to get her back for what she told dad t. After all the drama, I was finally in the driver’s seat scared. My dad told me what to do, step by step. First step was to learn what were the different shifts: parking, reverse, neutral, and drive. Second was starting the car and adjusting the mirrors. My dad said that the third step was to always keep checking my mirrors. After my mental break down my dad  started to tell me the steps  to make turns and how to make a correct stops.  After a while of practicing he showed  me how the way to get us  home.

After a few weeks passed and I was getting over the scare my father gave me. It was finally the day of my test. I was nervous as hell and my parents couldn’t come because they had to go to work and my appointment was in the morning. My aunt had driven me to the DMV. It was September 15 it was sunny outside I was surprised because it had been cloudy the past few days. I had studied the DMV booklets for a whole week, I was tired of just going over the same questions over and over again. The second thing I did was studied online quizzes of different tests. I got to my appointment I was confident that I was going to pass the test but I was also nervous as hell too. When I was in line I was anxious couldn’t stop moving and didn’t stop biting my nails. I came out without nails at all. When the girl called me back up she told me I could go to any computer. When I go there the question were different from the one I studied and it was timed. I failed. I felt so stupid. After I failed my first week I had booked another one. I had asked if I could take it on paper this time she said yes I had as long as I needed. I went to turn in my test and I waited in front of her until she was done grading it. The girl was so serious I was chewing on my cheek because I was so nervous. After what felt like hours she looked up and told me that I had passed my family was excited about the news, especially my dad. He always wanted to drive because he hate driving all the time. I and had driven with my family for a while now and everybody was fine with it no one complained except my mom. Till this day she still tells me stuff and screams at me for doing minor mistakes but she’ll get used to it. Like a few days ago she screamed saying say I didn’t do the turn right and that I was going too fast. I just said I know mom, I know mom!