The one game growing up that I always wanted to play was League of Legends, however it is only available on computers. So, I never even bothered to learn much about the game since I never had a computer. Once I finally got my first laptop capable of playing the game, I immediately downloaded League to start trying to learn. My friends had been playing for years already and were willing to help me learn as well, teaching me what they could. I also relied on myself to find things out when it was more complex or my friends were not around to answer

Within League of Legends there are more mechanics to learn about than just controlling your character and getting the timing for abilities down. This is what makes it a far more complex game than most of what I played growing up. I knew this about the game from peers at school that would talk to me about it, however I normally ignored the details when I didn’t have the means to play with them. The conversations always caught my attention at first, knowing there was a game out there more complex than ones I ever had the opportunity to own. I overheard them talking about buffs and nerfs every couple of weeks, changing the game constantly. This did not happen to any game I played and would get rather boring forcing me to always want to play something else. Since games have always been a part of my life, finding out there was a game that would rely on skill and knowledge was fascinating. However, with it being on a different platform that I am used to, my knowledge from other games did not help at all. I already knew I would have to relearn simple actions such as moving my champion, checking the score board, and knowing all the champions’ abilities. Once I got the game downloaded finally, I quickly realized how deep the game the game can be if someone were to truly want to be good at the game.

To learn all this stuff without always asking someone for help I had to turn to the internet. Searching up questions on forums for the game became common for me. Sometimes, questions would pop into my mind about a certain aspect of the game at school or with other friends, and I would have to look up the answer. I found a fan made website that has all the information about the site and looked up many things about my favorite champion at the time Veigar. Reading the page and every detail about him in game I found out he is a mage, that has low base damage but essentially infinite scaling damage, meaning over time he scales better than other champions due to items and his passive. So, if a match goes on for too long he can kill anyone in his way with ease. At the time his ultimate ability did more damage to people who built magical damage, like he did, this is something that helped greatly, because I could walk up to someone and kill them by clicking a button on them as long as the ability was not on cooldown. This however got changed in the game eventually, which didn’t make me sad since balancing changes are part of the reason I wanted to play to begin with. After I had learned enough about Veigar, I decided to even find out about things such as lane mechanics and spawn timers on these websites, not even always necessary information for getting better. I just wanted to know more than the rest of the people I played against hoping it would give me an advantage.

One of my first memories playing the game, is with my friend when he was coming to gank for me, this is when someone comes into your lane to help kill the enemy in my lane. I can still hear my friend, BJ, yelling, “E! E! E!” at me, urging me use an ability that would stun the target. However, I was too late when I finally hit the key and the opponent in my lane was too far now, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were coming” I half whispered, hoping I didn’t make him annoyed already. This would be just the first time I let my friend down when he tried to help make a match easier for me by giving me a kill early on, “It’s fine, just pay attention to your mini-map,” he said with an attitude, generally people get madder if you let them down that bad, but he knew that since I was new it was going to take a while. This was all just a learning experience for the next time he would come to gank me. The timing of going onto the opponent with my friend, at the same moment, is a big part of what had gone wrong, that is when I realized only practice would make me better at certain aspects of the game.

So, I began playing League to get better at not disappointing my friends, as well as just loving the game from before I even played it. After getting home from class, every day for months, I would hop right onto my computer to queue up for a game, eager to learn more. Playing by myself led to me getting yelled at by teammates. Sometimes when I would die in a really dumb way, such as jumping into 3 people on the enemy team when no one on my team is anywhere around. I would be shamed, by them spamming pinging question marks around me. While the game gives the question ping to signal if an enemy is missing, there are many people that use this as a method to make people look foolish when they die. After playing for a while, learning the game became easier depending on what I was focusing on. I would always look forward to when I got to play with a friend again after a few days, to show off what I had learned from all my practice, hoping that it would be worth it.