Can’t really go throughout life without having a sponsor of literacy. One thing that was hard for me was identifying people I disliked as sponsors of literacy. We have sponsors of literacy almost everywhere we go; at the store, the lady at the checkout with her two screaming kids, your co-workers, your peers, your professors, your family and friends. Even if it’s the smallest things, we all learn from them whether it’s good or bad. One sponsor of literacy that caught me off guard was my boss, Carson. Although it might seem like he’s an obvious sponsor of literacy, it wasn’t for me. Carson is a very attractive guy but the down fall is that he has a ugly character, I dislike like him as a person. He is only two years older than me and I was convinced that I knew more about the patients than he did. I have had plenty of experience with patients as a CNA didn’t think my job was going to be any harder as Activities Assistant now.
To me it is important to identify my sponsors of literacy. As a little girl my mother was slowly teaching me how to be racist. In graving in me that I should never talk to any black person. At the same time my second-grade teacher was teaching me the opposite. As a little girl I was confused and knew that I had to pick a side, either my teachers or my mom’s. At this age this was very tough for me to pick a side. I loved my mom and I looked up to Ms. Looper. Thankfully I choice Ms. Loopers and as a kid I was able to change my mom’s view on black people. Another sponsor of literacy that took me longer to learn from was one of my best friends in middle school. She is the truth definition of a false friend; they are like your shadow, they follow you to the sun and leave you when it gets dark. She was a person I use to look up too. She was the older, attractive, popular girl everyone wanted to be friends with. Who would of know the entire time we were friends she was jealous. Eventually she proved that she wasn’t a friend I believe she was and learn from the whole situation and friendship. It was a life lesson to never trust people so easily. But sponsor of literacy isn’t just on big life changing decisions its also about the little things. At the groceries stores, I like to observe people when I go. One thing that always catches my attention are mothers and their screaming kids. I learned that its not a good look having a kid that has no respect for its mother and a mother cursing at the screaming child at the store. Mothers or people overall should not be cursing at children. I never want to be that mother. Therefore, it’s important for me to identify my sponsors of literacy because they are everywhere we go in life.
  One sponsor of literacy that caught me off guard was my boss Carson. I was very confident getting the news that I got the Activity Assistant position. I have had years of experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I have dealt with all different types of patients and family members. Alzheimer, Dementia, grummy, sad, and mean people whether its was from family members or the patients. I have had 5 years of experience working as a Certified Nurse Assistant and felt more than capable of taking this new position. Setting up an activity and getting patients to be more involve would be a piece of cake. Boy I was wrong. Some patients don’t want to be treated like little kids. Some patients are too depressed to get involve. Some didn’t like the activity. I had definitely over looked this position. 
 Thanks for Carson he showed me how to interact with the patients and approach them better. Thanks to him I was able to do my job better. Carson also has acknowledged the quality of my work and my performance, always nice to hear good things about yourself, it’s very self-rewarding coming from someone else. Carson has not just helped in the professional way but as well on a personal level. At work throughout the day the patients will ask me or I’ll respond to something they said and say I’m not good at much or that I’m not good enough. In other words I’ll bring myself down a lot. When Carson heard me talk like that about myself he always asks why I talk so bad about myself he reminds me that I am good enough and that I shouldn’t talk like that about myself. He always says, “you are what you believe you are” And “you are not less Jacquelyne”. I have carried this with me now and ever since that I don’t bring myself down anymore at work or anywhere I go. Carson has helped me believe in myself, I’ve become more confident in myself and my decisions. He is the candy that I can just stare at and not have, the candy you have to deprive yourself from. Even though it was easy to stare at Carson all day if I could because he’s very good looking and not to mention he is a skater. Getting lost in his hazel brown eyes was nice. Sometimes I’ll forget how much I hate working for him because he’s one lazy motherfucker that pretends he’s always busy or hiding so he won’t have to work. It was difficult for me to see Carson as a possible sponsor of literacy. I went into the job thinking I didn’t need to learn much about the job. It turns out just because you think you know it all you might not and just because you don’t like someone doesn’t have to mean that they can’t be a sponsor of literacy in your life. You can also learn from people you don’t like. Its now important to me to learn from those I dislike. I was very surprised how much I learned and how much Carson change me for the better. Now whenever I hear someone talk bad about themselves I always remember Carson’s words and repeat them to them. I too hope I can be someone’s else sponsor of literacy. I hope what I have learned from other someone can learn from me.