What are video games? Video games are universes created to put a person into a different reality, they aren’t real and do not relate to the actual world most of the time unless it is based on major events that had happened. Video games are created as hobbies for people who have free time to spend on it. Some video games are considered works of art as they can look so amazing by their creators. Video games are wonderful pieces of art, but they are also judged a lot based on what the actual video game is. Video games are just as good for people as they are bad for social media and news. 

Monster Hunter World (2018)

There are many reasons to play video games, because you are bored and want to spend your time doing something, it may be your hobby, to relieve your stress, and many more. One of the most important reason why people actually play video games is the fact that they can play with others and try to be the better person at the game they want to play. As stated by Nicole Lazzaro, “These players enjoy the emotions of Amusement, Schadenfreude, and Naches coming from the social experiences of competition, teamwork, as well as opportunity for social bonding and personal recognition.” (page. 7) Lazzaro is explaining one of the four reasons as to why people play games. The sheer competitiveness of video games makes people want to get better than their friends or the opponent they are playing against. Some people also enjoy the difficulty of playing games. There are games that are incredibly challenging but it makes it fun because they have to strategize and think. Hard games, although very difficult, are games that give a person extreme joy once they finish the level or the entire game.

Video games are made to look bad in the eyes of the common people by experiments that try to test people on social activity and their actions. In an article from 2013, done by three psychology majors, from Mary Ann Liebert Inc, Christian Happ, Andre Melzer, and Georges Steffgen, they tested whether or not playing violent video games can lead to less helpful activity and more aggression when playing a villainous character with people ages 17-31. As stated in their discussion, “…showed more helping behavior and less hostile perception bias than those who played the evil Joker.”( pg. 3) They point out that violence in video games can make people less helpful, more aggressive towards others, and see things as more hostile. Although they do discuss that the experiment did show some results that are positive, their overall experiment did yield results that would reveal why violent video games are not good for people. Experiments have many outcomes, and although most of them do lead to a positive outcome video games, there are some experiments that prove otherwise and show that they are not as good for people as they may seem in other people’s eyes. 

Joker (Injustice 2)

Video games are very helpful for many reasons, they help people get fit through exercising games, and helping students with learning disabilities. An article published by SAGE in 2013 from multiple authors tested students with learning disabilities to reveal that they can learn more when using video games while in class. As stated in the article, “… where teachers altered their approaches based on the individual needs of their student.”( pg. 8) One Student reported that they were able to understand more and do better on tests thanks to playing video games, when they would previously not understand and just give up on the test. Another article from the Journal of Physical Education and Sport by three authors,Nikolaos Tzanetakos, Marina Papastergiou, Nikolaos Vernadakis, Panagiotis Antoniou,  who worked with special education students in P.E. but the Dept. of Phys Ed. and Sports Science in Greece reported that “exergames” help people out and help them get fit. Although their experiments somewhat disagree with what they reported, they did find that it made a more motivational form of balance training for deaf people. Video games show that they are good for people as they do help people with disabilities get more fit and learn better as children.

Gaming can be an addicting things for many, and it may lead to the changing of a person or them losing a lot of money. Daria Kuss and Mark Griffiths both studied and created an article based on gaming addiction and the effects it has on people. They found through their research that gaming can lead to an addiction and change a person’s attitude and emotions, and positive things would make addicted people even more addicted. They used another article to show this quoting, “whereas positive reinforcement resulted in game persistence, hypothetically allowing to link positive reinforcement to addiction (Chumbley & Griffiths, 2006).”  Griffiths made an article this year about gaming and loot boxes, whether or not loot boxes are games or gambling. In short, a loot box is an online item that a person buys to get items that are either cosmetic, or help the player out in-game, but to get loot boxes many games require you to either buy a lot or earn one every once in a while through playing the game. (Griffiths. Pg. 2) Loot boxes have been used by many games to get their players to use their money to try and get the best items and beat others.”… often encouraged to spend more money to do so because the chances of winning such items are minimal.”(Griffiths pg. 2) Both gaming addiction and loot boxes make people go wild and sometimes lose their money playing games or chasing a specific item in a game. 

Gaming has become a career for many and it can also help people out with making money through streaming services such as Twitch and Youtube, that help gamers build up a fanbase and viewing from others. Twitch itself, has helped many people through their Twitch Partner Program, but one of their requirements is to have an average of 500 concurrent views which may take some time for starting gamers.  One person said to their interviewer, Johnson Woodwork, “Before I could walk I’ve been playing video games, and it’s a passion of mine, so I wanted to turn that passion to paycheck.”( pg. 22) Just like the unnamed person who was interviewed about streaming on Twitch, many other people have made their desired of turning games into careers which has been rapidly growing in popularity. Twitch has made ordinary people from young teenagers to seniors and gain massive amounts of money.

Gaming has been a big part of helping out normal people make a career out of gaming. Although it is very helpful, it is a very addictive thing for many and will make them waste money for a specific item in loot boxes. They bring intense emotions out from people as they play games.


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