Have you ever thought about sitting around at home making a living off the internet? Well welcome to YouTube, where anyone can be a star with hard work and dedication. First things first, if you don’t already have a YouTube account you’re going to need to make one. Once you have created your account you will need to turn account monetization on and connect to AdSense, doing so requires accepting YouTube’s advertising guidelines (Rosenberg). There is a forty-five fifty-five split for all content creators, google keeps the smaller half.  Recent studies show that television is no longer the primary choice for screen viewing among very young children, having been surpassed by online viewing platforms such as YouTube (Elias). This could make for a lucrative business, but with a very low level of entry cost it also means that anyone can do it so the market could easily become over-saturated.

            Setting up your channel and choosing what you are going to upload is the easy part. Many content creators start off using YouTube as a hobby and then it later graduates into a full time job or in some cases nothing at all. There are many different channels on YouTube covering almost every topic, but only a few of those categories carry a large enough audience to make enough money to live on. For example there are makeup tutorial channels on YouTube, some big enough so that they can do it as a full-time job. But there are only a handful of them in comparison to gaming channels. Gaming is the backbone of YouTube, while it might not get to the status of a ten million view viral video or even as many views as a music video gets. A Gaming channel will consistently get views. When starting off one might consider only uploading one or two different games at a time, and try to get into a schedule. A familiar series and seeing consistent uploads is the best way to get a strong base of viewers. Another way one might try growing their channel is by doing collaboration with another channel, small or big any exposure to a new audience is good. YouTube channel growth can be random, some might blow up and get fifty-thousand subscribers in a year while others might never catch ground and get going.

            After a while of making videos and gaining an audience you might have a nice little check coming in the mail. When does YouTube go from hobby to fulltime job? Because of the way that ads work on YouTube and Some ads pay more than others based off the content of the video, this might be viable for some but  not others. California’s per capita income in 2016 is $31,458 (Quickfacts). The average person in California makes about this much each year, to make that in YouTube videos one would need a very minimum twenty-two-thousand views a day (Urgo). The ads would have to be paying upwards of four dollars, a premium. So to be more realistic one would need thirty to thirty-five thousand views a day (Urgo). This sounds like a lot of views at first and for a smaller just starting off cannel it is, but for an established channel this is no problem. If you are right on the edge of making enough and need a little extra many content creators use other sources of income like selling merchandise. An online store to sell things like hats, hoodies, shirts, etc.… can be great for making a little extra profit and it is a win-win because most audiences

want merchandise. Other options could be to start a premium series where viewers pay a onetime fee to watch or a per month subscription or try and pick up a sponsorship to get on a larger channel such as Machinima. If you were to partner up with them the exposure could be phenomenal as they have a viewer base of over half a million(Lavaveshkul) .

Sense YouTube is an open platform and all you need is an email to make an account it means that anyone can do it. This is good and bad, good for you because it is easy and cheap to get into. Also bad for you because it is easy and cheap to get into which means anyone can do it and it can easily become oversaturated. To be a content creator full time is no easy job either. Sure you are doing what you love playing video games with your friends hanging out having a good time, but then the show stops and now it is time to edit. Content creators spend from two to eight hours on average editing and uploading their masterpieces. If you start your video with a thought out plan and it is not just on the fly the viewer will be able to tell and appreciate it more because you will be wasting less time making mistakes and more time doing what they came to see.  While some types of games might take a little more time to edit and others a little less, do not be fooled this is still a fulltime job. The larger your channel grows and the more you make, the more series and specials you have to record. Overtime your equipment will wear out as well and you will have to replace it. In the grand scheme of things it will not cost that much, but at the time of purchase or repurchase it is going to run up a couple hundred dollars.

            If making a living off the internet is what you want to do, YouTube is defiantly a viable option. Though success is not guaranteed, there is a very strong framework already laid out for you by YouTube. With hard work and dedication you could be a fulltime content creator. Making an average or even above average wage for your area depending on how popular you are.  Though your day might consist of just recording and editing, at least you are having fun at work. With such a low cost of entry you would be foolish not to try and make money on YouTube.





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