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What is a thesis statement?

Unknown Americans Essay

The next essay asks you to write about the novel we read. You should begin by narrowing down what it is you are going to write about and begin getting your notes together. 

Sample topics you can write about:

  • Alma’s guilt
  • Maribel’s brain injury and her getting better
  • Parenting or overprotecting kids
  • The American Dream
  • Immigration and prejudice

Each of these topics requires that you find scenes, lines of dialogue, and examples from the book to use for the evidence. You will formulate an argumentative thesis about the novel and whatever topic you choose to write about. Each of the topics also requires academic research to help with the analysis. You can research guilt in psychology, brain injuries, parenting, the american dream, and immigration or prejudice. Each topic needs research to help support your analysis. 

Thesis Statements Explained

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work in small groups to develop the best explanation of a thesis statement and how to write one. You will have ten minutes to draft your answer. Winner gets extra credit points. 

  1. Explain and define a thesis statement. 
  2. Give steps and tips on how to write one. 

Best answer wins.

When you are done, comment below with your answer. 

Thesis Statements

Purdue OWL has a great write up for thesis statements. 

Creating a Thesis Statement

Write a Thesis

  1. Focused
  2. Debatable
  3. Makes a claim
  4. Supported by evidence