Quick Write


In-Text Citations

You should be quoting, citing, paraphrasing, and summarizing from the novel. Most of your evidence should come from the novel. 

Either introduce the quote or reference in the sentence or cite after in the parenthetical citation. 

In-Text Citation Basics

You will be citing from the book in your essay. It is important that we learn how to do it correctly. 

After Quisqueya tells the Riveras about Mayor and Maribel, she says, “I’m Sorry” (Henriquez 202). 

Citing a source with one, two, or three or more authors.

  • (Henriquez 202)
  • (Best and Marcus 9)
  • (Franck et al. 327)

Creating Structure

How To Write Anything pg. 200 

The structure of an analysis of literature can head in various directions. You can present a string of evidence to support a claim. You can examine similarities and differences. You can ask a question and explore ideas rather than a single point. In all these, you need to support a claim with reasons and evidence from the text. 

You can think of these as the “chips and salsa” of a paragraph. The chips can be the reason supporting the claim and the salsa can be the textual evidence, quotes, lines, ideas, paraphrases, chapters, etc that support the reason. 

  • Introduction leading to claim
  • First supporting reason + textual evidence
  • Supporting reason + evidence
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th supporting reasons + evidence for each
  • Conclusion connecting the parts and making the argument clear. Answer the “So what?” question and give the significance. Why does this matter? Why should we care? What should we take away from your analysis? How does it help us understand the literary work better?

This is just one sample structure. You decide what the reasons and evidence are and how to organize the argument best. What do you need to so to prove your reading of the text? 

Use a formal style. (pg. 202)

Cite your evidence using MLA citations. (pg. 472) 


  • Rowell provides many examples of domestic violence (50).
  • Eleanor & Park provides many examples of domestic violence (Rowell 50). 

Evidence From the Novel

Chapter 42 Summarizing Sources

Summarize key scenes to support your claims and reasons. 

Chapter 43 Paraphrasing Sources

Paraphrase evidence when it is not necessary to use exact wording. Quote when it is specific or important to maintain the language. 

Chapter 45 Documenting Sources

In academia, we cite where the ideas, points, evidence comes from. We are always writing within a pre-existing discussion. You want to cite others to borrow their credibility.

Outline Workshop

Workshop looking for structure and evidence, “Chips and Salsa” for your essay. Make it detailed. Add in specific scenes, lines, evidence. What do you still need to research?

Thesis Statements

Make sure that your thesis is clear from the beginning. This will help focus your writing and your research. 


  1. Focused
  2. Debatable
  3. Picks a side
  4. Makes a claim
  5. Supported by evidence

Quick Write

Comment below with your outline for points.

Also, did you provide sufficient reasons and evidence to support your claim? Is there anything you still need to cover to make sure the readers of your essay can follow along? Did you answer any questions you raised?