Abel Estrada

Professor. Ramos

English 1A/3:30

7 April, 2018

                                                                                     Stop Bullying

       Bullying is such a big topic now in days. The effects that it can have on people are big. Everybody has a different way of taking someone harassing them, whether its cyberbullying, social, physical, or verbal. Someone that is being bullied or is a recipient of bad treatment can cause them to bully others and harass them. Some can’t help themselves so they need someone to step up for them. Some are scared of speaking up because they are scared of being more harassed than they already are being. A lot of the bullying that goes on is mostly in schools. In the novel “The Book of Unknown Americans” there are various examples of bullying going around. Most of the bullying that is going on in this novel is by the character that is named, “Garrett”. Bullying is a worldwide problem, are you part of the problem or are you preventing the problem?


     This novel has various examples of bullying. A character by the name of “Garrett” is the the big bully of this novel. He goes around town between Redwood Apartments and his own community, Capitol Oaks, looking for trouble. While reading the novel you find out that he is a victim of bad treatment himself. He is treated badly himself at his house by his violent family. His family also has a bad reputation around town. Him being exposed to that causes him to be the same towards other, he doesn’t know any better. Sometimes a person can be a bully because they are bullied themselves. They are being treated a certain way which makes them treat others the same way. Some are around it all the time like Garrett is, his family isn’t so pleasant as the novel explains they have a bad reputation. Sooner or later like many say you are the same as the people you are around.

     Garrett skateboards around looking for trouble, he harrasess Mayor and sees him as his special project. He also takes advantage of people that can’t defend themselves, one of them being Maribel. He is seen pressing her against the wall while pulling her shirt up by Alma who happens to be Maribel’s mother.(Alma 121) She doesn’t tell anybody about it, she instead tracks Garrett herself to warn him to stay away. This causes Arturo who is Maribel’s father and Alma’s husband in the novel to take action himself , he goes and confronts the Miller family which costs him his life, he is shot by them.  

    The scenes that this novel gives are situations that happen in today’s world. Bullying has expanded only gotten worse then how it was back then. Now in days you can get bullied without even knowing who it is. With the world’s technology growing so are the ways of bullying. That is called, “cyberbullying.” Cyberbullying is a form of bullying done through digital technologies, including hardware such as computers and smartphones, and softwares like social media. (NCAB.org) Since our technology has grown so has the bullying. People take advantage of technologies growth to find new ways to bully others. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that can happen any day at anytime of the day, as long as you have a device that is connected to some type of source with signal you can send, share, or post anything that you want on anywhere that you want. Cyberbullying can be anything from a hurtful text, post, to images and videos. (NCAB.org) It’s ultimately up to the person if they want to make it public or private.                                                                                     

     Another example of bullying that this book gives us is verbal bullying. Garrett one day on his way home from school was behind Mayor when he asked him, “ where you going?” Mayor then turned around and said, “home.” Garrett asked, “back to mexico?” Mayor then replies, “ I’m not from Mexico.”  Garrett says, “ My dad says all you people are from Mexico.” MAyor didn’t respond to him and when he didn’t Garrett said, “ what are you looking at?” (Mayor 69) This form of bullying is called verbal bullying, which is harassing others with your words. Which includes name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, homophobic, or racist remarks. (NCAB.org)  

    A large percent of the bullying in our world today happens at schools, to students. According to stopbullyingnowfoundation.org 160,000 students stay home everyday to due bullying. Being bullied affects people in different ways, unfortunately it can even lead some to committing suicide. In other situations being bullied can cause one to become a bully themselves. 2/3 students that are targets become bullies themselves. (NCAB.org)


     Bullying is never an easy subject to talk about for different reasons, for some it may be because they’ve been bullied themselves, they’ve personally seen it, or they know someone dealing with it. This is a big topic that has been going on for a long time and is only becoming bigger than it already is. We need to stand up to it when we see it we can’t let this problem get bigger than it already is. Standing up to a bully or help someone that is getting bullied can help someone not be afraid to do something because they are scared of getting bullied and in other cases it can even save someone’s life. Help end this worldwide problem, don’t be a part of it.



-The Book of Unknown Americans / Cristina Enriquez