The Benefits of Cannabis.



Cannabis? Cannabis is all over the world and it’s been around for many years and has grown from then. Cannabis is a drug that is use everyday but see it as a big minor drug which isn’t the case. Marijuana has been seen for many years is a big drug all over the world which isn’t the case yes is has it downfalls,but the media,government,or even the economy impose it negatively so of course it will attract attention to everyone. A solution is they should impose Cannabis more positively like how it helps people,stress,illness & etc.

Cannabis is often seen to the public so bad that obviously the people will agree for example “ Marijuana use among middle and high school students have dropped or leveled off.”( they impose negatively to the economy so they think if you use cannabis that will occur but that’s false it all about your actions who decide you. They even often show it on TV saying it’s bad,addicting, & etc. The economy often shows cannabis as a bad image to everyone to emphasize it a Huge Drug. All over the years cannabis has been seen bad because of the causes the government gets so it shows the public what the outcome of it if you do it or involve.

The Government and economy should impose cannabis so much better to the public so it doesn’t be seen the way it has been like show it it proves cannabis helps people with illness or diseases for example “medical cannabis or medical marijuana, can refer to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms.”(Cannabis drug) Show it more like this the economy wouldn’t be as harsh as it would towards cannabis because it will see the positive outcomes of it. A lot of people think just because you use cannabis you going to go on to use “harder drugs” but that’s not the case at all, marijuana has been seen as a getaway drug to relive stress,relax, or etc to help you if need it for example “ Although those findings support the idea of marijuana as a “getaway drug”, the majority of people who use marijuana don’t go on to use other “harder drugs”. (Cannabis drug) Cannabis needs to be shown also the positive outcomes of it so they can see the real image of marijuana.

Marijuana has so many positives that people don’t know about and they usually judge by what they hear or see on TV,articles,newspapers, or etc often they say you can overdose on cannabis which is false because you can have side effects but not overdose for example “ There are no reports of teens or adults dying from marijuana alone.” (Cannabis drug). All these information needs to be shown more publicly so they can see the real image of it not just a drug from the streets how most of the economy see’s it. The economy needs to be more viral on cannabis and show its actual colors by showing a clear picture of it not just negatives of it. Cannabis is a drug that can help others but not everyone because not everyone needs it but if it’s shown more presentable to everyone it can help that one person who can use it positively.

Overall Cannabis is not a bad drug as it’s seen to the public all around which why we need to impose it more clear and show its beneficial use of it so everyone can see the real image of it. Marijuana is a good drug to use if you have any kind of disease or illness or just need to relive stress instead of drinking a beer which is more safer then a drink of beer. Cannabis needs to be show clear to everyone to show that’s it’s not a huge drug or big drug like they say we can see it as a normal drug if we impose it clearly to everyone so everyone can see the true benefits of using it or being on it.

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