Football, in my opinion the best sport known to mankind. This is one of the biggest sports viewed around the world. This sport has one of the biggest organizations in the world, also known as the NFL. The NFL is a football organization with a total of thirty-two football teams which are divided into two different conferences and in those two conferences the teams are divided into four different divisions. I believe that these different divisions are good because they create more competition in between the teams. With more competition comes more comes more desire to be the best of the best, and when your trying to be the best and it’s not always going your way, tensions rise. With all this tension in the air comes more aggressiveness, which causes you to not pay much attention to the rules or follow them at some points, and that’s when the NFL steps in and fines you for not following their rules.  These rules have their good and bad, overall they are to keep you safe and to make the game fair. In my opinion the rest of them just take the fun and excitement out of the game, and these rules exist in all levels of football. I have personally played the game in high school, and I have been a victim of getting flagged for rules that aren’t necessary. While I agree with the rules that keep the players safe and make the game fair, I disagree with the ones that take the fun and excitement out of the game. I believe to solve this problem, football organizations of all levels should take away all the rules that don’t keep the players safe or the game fair, and also have the players sign a contract that states all the rules and explain the things that happen on the field like taunting, poor choices of words, and hard hits.

     While the main rules of the game are enforced in every level of the sport each level has their own set of rules but for the most part every level follows the same rules. Some rules that I do not agree with at all are rules like no taunting, you can’t make certain types of blocks, or hits. As the great Ray Lewis said, “ we made this sport for one thing competition, don’t tell me that I can’t do certain things tho win against this guy.” With all these rules being enforced it’s hard to compete and have fun while doing it. Things like taunting and trash talking brings the best out of a player. So that’s why I think that getting flagged for it is unnecessary.


     Things like taunting and name calling are the things that make the game exciting because who doesn’t want to try to hit somebody that has been saying things with a poor choice of words harder and harder every time. For example my junior year in highschool we got into a huge fight the last minute of the game versus another high school up the street named Montclair, and it all started with a simple tweet that said, “Ontario is trash can’t wait to woop that ass.” After that tweet all I would see was smack talking on social media. When the day of the game came it seemed like each school just wanted to have a big brawl against each other. I remember on the day of the game our school was filled with posters, some not to nice, but so was theirs as we were all seeing on social media. If you were planning to attend a football game this was the one.When we showed up to their school that afternoon their was so much security and police officers. I remember from the first kickoff the first flag went up in the air and it was on us for unsportsmanlike conduct. The whole game there was name calling all over the field and their was also little push and shove brawls throughout the whole game, but it all went down on the last play with seconds on the clock we had already won and we were going to take a knee, the ball got snapped to our QB, they rushed and that when it all went down, the biggest fight I have ever been a part of. All this because of a simple tweet. During this game I saw a lot of yellow flags in the air and even players being suspended for the next game all because of actions like taunting, name calling, or unsportsmanlike conduct, but let me tell you this was and still is the best game I have been a part of.

    When an NFL player doesn’t follow the NFL’s rules, unlike high school and college football, they get hit where it hurts, in their deep pockets. The NFL fines players for any little thing they do out of line, such as excessive profanity. Things like that aren’t fine worthy, in my opinion. I believe getting fined for such small things isn’t fair to the players especially in the NFL, what’s the point of making good money if you are going to get fined a good chunk of money every time you step a little out of line of someone’s rules.


     Football isn’t for everybody. With all these rules that are enforced by all levels of football organizations, they are taking the fun out of the game. This sport is a competitive and violent, and not everyone can handle it, that’s why out of everybody that plays this sport only few make it. With this contract I don’t think the number of football players will decrease, if anything I personally think that they will increase. This contract will make the sport more freely and the fun will be brought back to the game.