Most High School students from the Department of Special Education are not prepared to attend College. Student’s with a special disability who attend high school in the U.S. are supported by section 504. This plan is lined up with (IEP) which are both  designed to help students with disabilities. Section 504 plan allows students with disabilities to participate in both public elementary and secondary education. IEP stands for Individualized Education Program which is a one on one aid. Personal therapy academic and behavioral goals and progress reports are part of the services provided. Although students with disabilities have special accommodations and are learning in  an environment that they are able to handle. Students with disabilities should be able to see beyond their abilities by helping them gain self- confidence, building more skills, and most important for high schools to have a teachers preparation program be more effective.

     Students with disabilities need help gaining self- confidence. Most students feel unconfident when it comes to certain challenges they come across with. According to an article Brookes Publishing 7 Ways to Foster Self-Esteem and Resilience in All Learners by Nancy Mather, Sam Goldstein, and Katie Eklund says, “Strong self-advocacy skills lead to greater self-confidence” (Mather 2017). Strong self- advocacy skills are when a person speaks for themselves, makes their own life decisions. Acknowledges information so that is understandable for them  and is of their interest. Students with disabilities need help by learning what their responsibility are. Problem solving is also part of self- advocacy, the most important is to help these students have a higher self- esteem as part of also having self- confidence. Which each skill boosts self- esteem that helps these students feel motivated while their learning process. Building up strong self- advocacy involves communication which involves sharing and participating. Activities, given presentations from students will not only help them feel confident, but capable. Not only in school, but also capable in their personal life. Not only feeling capable will gain their self- confidence, but it will prepared and develop their skills.

       Teachers should be able to help students with disabilities build more of their skills. These students need given work that will develop their knowledge. Strategies that can help develop their knowledge are the ones in which students need the most focus with. According to an article High School Reform Almost all students with disabilities are capable of graduating on time by Sarah Butrymowicz and Jackie Mader says, “Here’s why they’re not. U.S. education system is failing students with special needs” (Butrymowicz 2017). Michael McLaughlin graduated in 2013 after it took him almost six years of high school before graduating. His mother believes that Michel’s education did not prepared him for college or career. Michael had certain disabilities which he wasn’t able to control. Michaels disabilities would keep him from paying attention and difficulty keeping up with instructions. Despite his disability he was able to graduate, but was not prepared to attend college. According to the article it states “Their disabilities shouldn’t keep them from achieving the same standards as their peers … experts estimate that up to 90 percent of students with disabilities are capable of graduating high school fully prepared to tackle college or a career if they receive proper support along the way” (Butrymowicz 2017). Students with disabilities should be given the proper support. Which not only focuses with their disability, but mostly with the level the student are placed in. Based on the article by Kitty Cone, “For many children with disabilities, they’re capable of far more than their schools give them credit for” (Butrymowicz 2017). A student’s disability should not affect their learning process or development. Meanwhile these students should be learning in an environment that focuses in what they need to know. Instead of focusing whether these students are capable or not. Mainly because they need the support to be able to overcome challenges. That will prepared these students for the future. When it comes to making decisions like attending college. The Department of Special Education should take action of the amount of students who are graduating, but are not ready to attend college.

     Section 504 plan helps students with disabilities, but the plan is not resulting as effective. This plan should provide teachers with more effective ways of supporting their students. Due to some research not a lot of teacher preparation programs turn out successful. For most students due to not enough support provided they feel like their no ready to go to college. According to an article The University of Arizona Mild To Moderate  Disabilities Teacher Preparation Program says, “The Mild to Moderate Disabilities Teacher Preparation Program is designed to prepare special education teachers to work with students with mild/moderate disabilities in the areas of learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders” (College of Education 2018). These teachers are able to work with these students once they have enough experience to enter an internship. But yet the program helps these teachers experience and observe students with disabilities. An effective way for teachers to be prepared is for the program to have them understand their students. By creating an environment for their students to feel capable. In this case if the program provides teachers with effective strong tools for them to guide their students. These students with disabilities will receive an effective support and will be able to overcome challenges they come across with. Teachers should be able to see their students as people with disabilities yes, but capable of completing something on their own. Students with disabilities are like any any other student, but their learning style is different. Students with disabilities process information in a different way, but that doesn’t make them any different. High school students with disabilities will become successful not that they’re not once they get the support needed.

        Students with disabilities should be ready to go college. Most of them have different plans after graduating high school, but at the end if their prepared then they’ll also be prepared for other circumstances besides attending college. My argument is that students with disabilities should receive proper support. By helping the gain self- confidence, building and developing more skills and for teachers preparation program to be more effective. The solution is to push these students towards a strong path. Which teachers will be prepared to help this students become successful, if the program becomes more effective. If the solution takes action these students will be prepared for college. without being afraid of overcoming challenges. As the result of these students preparation they’ll be able to obtain good grades and graduate with a degree.

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