The talked about conflict in our society today is the poor conditions immigrants are put through and how horrible the system is as a whole. Thousands of innocent families are being torn apart daily. These immigrants are being treated like they were nothing, no thought about their mental or physical health. A author stated that, “Feb. 9 a woman who had accused her husband of abused was arrested while seeking a restraining order..(Queally,2017)” This woman was trying to protect herself the right and legal way and yet she was deported for that. This makes many lawyers and others fear that this might cause some women to stay with their abusers rather seek protection in fear of deportation. (Queally, 2017 ) Now this women might think the beatings she gets is better than being sent back to the country she filed from. An innocent women would rather get beat instead of seeking help. Not only does this horrible system pt these terrified women in danger but it also puts innocent children at risk. A 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy was detained after her much needed surgery. In an article it stated that, “After the surgery was complete, agents stood ready to escort Rosa Maria to a federal facility for unaccompanied illegal minors.. (Associated Press, 2017)” This little girl came to Texas just to get a big surgery she needed. The system is so backwards agents followed her ambulance and waited outside her hospital room. It makes you wonder where are these federal agents priorities at? Does a women whose seeking protection from her abusive husband pose any threat? Does the little girl with a serious medical diseases seeking treatment posing any threat?

One of the most recent and wide known conflicts that’s being talked of is Trump’s wall! So many have fought hard against this wall, that Trump vows will help with our criminal immigrant problem. Trump wants to build a 55 foot wall that runs along the border of Mexico. There’s two major problems with this supposed solution. First, is that it’s unhealthy for the environment. For example Corwin states that, “ …think of all the different species and creature that migrate for resources, for reproduction, for seasonality.(Silva, 2017 )” No one but environmentalist thought about this, no one thought about the effects on our wildlife. By building this wall it will stunt wildlife growth. This could result in a possible extinction for animals. For those who can’t migrate get stuck behind the wall in a life or death situation. If animals are cut off from their resources the death count could be catastrophic.

The second problem with the wall is simply common sense. Crossing over land is not the only way that immigrants cross over and it’s not only the Mexican border. LA Times comments, “ … A wall will just lead smugglers to find new routes and methods – plane, boats and 55 foot ladders…. (2017 )” All it does is stop the most obvious way you can get into the country, but in reality most don’t just walk clear across the border. Most of the smugglers and the people who are being smuggled use underground tunnels, Etc. Having a wall is pointless and it just starts up more conflict than needed. It’s a complete waste of time and money.

The solution for that has been enforced by our president is to deport anyone and everyone. Although, Trump states that he wants to deport the criminals and dangerous drug smugglers that live in our country. Apparently I.C.E. has a hard time with figuring out who is a criminal/drug smuggler, so they deport everyone. They say they only deport those who pose a major threat to this country and, yet they will arrest a child no matter the age. Where is the threat there? Where is there a threat from parents trying to provide for their families? For example an author states, “ Federal immigration agents were searching a house… found a young Honduran women nursing her baby… Saida Umanzor is an illegal immigrant and was taken to jail… (Preston, 2007)” This mother was ripped away from her child while she was in the process of nursing her child. Sadia was kept in the deportation compound for 11 days, which the first three of those days her 9 month old baby, Britney, refused to eat formula. Saidas sister helped wing her onto a bottle, but because her mother wasn’t there she did not eat for three days.

The effect for Saida was just painful because she was forced to stop breastfeeding, so suddenly her breast became painfully engorged. This was just one of the many families that took a toll from these unjust arrest. So many other families have had similar or even worse experiences happen. This old solution just puts people and young children in serious danger.

An alternative plan that I would suggest is a new work and school visa. We should fix the programs to where they are both cover a wide range of immigrants but still protects from those people with vicious criminal history. These visas would allow these people to work and provide for their families. They wouldn’t have to be put through the horrible conditions that must go through trying to sneak into the country. If workers employer is interested in keeping this worker they should then be able to bring their family and begin the process of citizenship, while working. The invitation will only be extended if the worker has been showing outstanding work ethic and nothing more than a traffic violation. Every worker would have to sign a contract that if they violated this and was convicted and found guilty for anything, their visa would be revoked and they would be forced to leave. The school visa would allow people to come and further their education and give them opportunities. When the students then graduate they should be allowed to apply for citizenship. As they start working in their careers they will follow the citizenship process, they should not be allowed to do this is if they have any major crimes. I believe a traffic or speeding ticket should not be included in those criminal offenses. Also both of these should be denied to a person if they have a prior criminal record in their country.

What I think will happen if we enforce the first solution it would be a big economy boost. Not only does that help businesses in the united states becomes successful but, for the workers that send money back to their families in other countries it then helps boost those economies as well. It allows those countries to cycle into trades which again boost our economy. For the school visa this helps use expand our work force and other countries as well. It gives us a future generation that is educated giving multiple opportunities in any country. These solutions will allow honest hard working people who have been here for years and have paid taxes to become a citizen. It will allow the young and innocent to be protected and keep families whole. Which lets law enforcement focus more on deporting criminals that are damaging and killing our country.


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