Have you ever thought that just walking to the restroom or to your car alone would be the last time you would see all family and friends? To all the people that never thought that doing something from their everyday routine would be the last time they would see the people they love most. Sex trafficking is something that is the worst fear to have any one of your loved ones taken and put into this corrupted system of being sold for the act of sex. Sex trafficking is something that many people do not really know the depths of other than having to sell their body for sex. This horrible exploitation of human lives is something that happens locally and in other countries but understanding what it is and the cautions you have to take when trying to prevent this from happening to you or someone else can be the difference from life and death.

The legal definition of sex trafficking is the “illegal business of recruiting, harboring, transporting, obtaining, or providing a person and especially a minor for the purpose of sex( Webster).” When it comes to human sex trafficking there are different types, one kind being with children. In child sex trafficking, these people use manipulation and money to convince these kids that they are going to take care of them. Once the child has trust in that person they are willing to do what they have to in order to have a place to sleep and food to eat. Around the young age of one is when these kids are being taken away or targeted and start working at the age of fourteen. In the article “Child Sex Trafficking” by The United States Department of Justice exclaims that “ It is common for traffickers to isolate victims by moving them far away from friends and family, altering their physical appearances, or continuously moving them to new locations.” This just shows that as soon as they start to get close to something or make connections they pick them up and rip them for their life once again.

When people think of sex trafficking they often think of it as a foreign or third world country problem, but what most people do not know is that it is happening right in our own country. In the United States alone there has been cases of pimps being arrested, number of cases where adults and children have been exploited for sex. For Nevada there was over four hundred pimps arrested. All of these occurred in a time frame of eleven years or less. “From the villages of Sudan to the factories, sweatshops and brothels of India and South Asia, slavery and human trafficking still flourish( Masci)”. For another foreign countries such as India, seventy six percent of the human trafficking cases that happened to women and minor girls in the past decade. “Long hidden and often denied, the global epidemic of human trafficking and slavery is finally being exposed on the world stage. A five-year-old chained to a rug loom in India, a domestic servant enslaved and beaten in the Middle East and sex slaves trafficked within the United States are among the 21 million men, women and children held in some form of bonded labor, slavery or forced prostitution around the world today(Keiner)”. These traffickers will target small and poor cities or towns to take people for their own personal benefits. In this same article by Epatko she explained “Worldwide, the tally of modern- day slaves is about 40 million, according to the index, which means nearly half are in India.” This epidemic is something that is spreading so much that now when we hear of sex trafficking we are used to hearing in happen to these third world countries, but it is now happening in our country. Having to hear about human sex trafficking happening anywhere is when immediately it should trigger a reaction for you to want to do something to change it.

With this being a global problem there are ways we can help to minimize such a terrible industry. There are many resources and groups that make reaching out to help others or yourself accessible. In order to education those that are unaware of this problem that could be happening in their own state is something that all people need to be aware of. For example, such as a sexual harassment class that educates people on what not to do to not be considered sexually harassing someone or to not fall victim of being sexually harassed. A class like this educates people that had no idea of the severity of this until they take an informative class explaining everything they did not already. These are the steps that jobs and school need to enforce in order to let people know the severity of this problem. Another important thing that people can do to just protect yourself is to be completely aware of your surroundings. If you get out of work late do not take the risk of walking to your car alone if you parked far away. Do not be afraid to ask a coworker to walk you or a security guard if available. The final thing that law enforcement can do to help reduce the crime of it is by making it more known when there are felonies around or registered sex offenders. There are websites that give you this knowledge but not all people know of this until something bad happens. It doesn’t make sense that when someone commits a crime they are put away for years on end, but when someone has a sexual offense they just get put on a list and are still out in the world around your families. When purchasing a house realtor should inform the potential homeowner if there are any around. As for when someone new is registered under a sex offender it needs to be announced, whether that being on the local new or newspaper, people need to know. It is just like a shadow you do not know it is there until you turn around. The final part you can take to help someone is to inform others of any suspicious behavior and you could potentially be saving the life of someone that is about to have their life turned upside down.

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