Zhanrui Lin

Professor Ramos

English 1B

September 20, 2018

We Need Fewer Guns

In recent years, whether guns should be controlled has become one of the most popular topics in the United States. There are gun laws in the United States that allow people to own their guns. However, we have already heard a lot of news about gun violence happened in the country. Every day a lot of people die from gun shooting, because of this, people in the United States are worried about the gun shooting would happen around them, they lack the sense of security. Our society has the enormous potential hidden danger because of uncontrolled guns. It provides the most destructive tools to premeditated criminals, severely affects our social stability and the safety of people’s lives and properties. When a man with a gun has a conflict or dispute with another person, the situation is likely to get out of control. When people are in the case of substantial emotional fluctuations and disordered thinking, it is easy for them to use guns as a weapon for revenge attacks, opening fire to people, endangering other people’s physical safety and causing a lot of uncountable consequences. Guns are also harmful to our economy. Whenever a shooting incident happens, it causes a lot of significant damages to the environment, creates an inestimable financial cost to our government and puts a lot of pressure on our economy.Winkler-on-gun-control-NEW-LEAD.jpg

People living in the United States can easily own a gun. In my opinion, it has been a severe problem for America. According to an article, “The United States is the country with the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world. (The second highest is Yemen, where the rate is nevertheless only half that of the U.S)” (Lepore). People in the United States have more guns than other countries’ citizens. It cannot be denied that a higher number of guns will lead to more shooting accidents. When people are outraged in arguing with others, and they lose their minds, a gun might become a weapon that they use for revenge. It is a fact that the United States has more gun violence than other developed countries. “the U.S. has the 31st highest rate in the world: 3.85 deaths due to gun violence per 100,000 people in 2016. That was eight times higher than the rate in Canada, which had .48 deaths per 100,000 people — and 27 times higher than the one in Denmark, which had .14 deaths per 100,000” (Aizenman). The United States is a developed country just like Canada and Denmark, but with more shootings, that’s because the US government didn’t control guns, and people can buy a gun without licenses in some places in the United States. As far as I am concerned, the US government should manage gun shops severely such that people need permits to buy guns. I believe there will be fewer shootings in the United States if the government strictly regulates guns.

Gun shootings happened in US schools frequently. According to an article, “Everytown for Gun Safety reported that there have been 290 school shootings since the catastrophic massacre in Newtown, Conn., more than five years ago” (Fox). It is a horrible fact that students in the United States are in such a dangerous situation. Because of guns, people are not going to solve their problems in a peaceful way when they are arguing with somebody else. Instead of that, they would pick up their guns and shoot at innocent students. Some school shooting happened because of underage students; they might be bullied, snubbed at school, or maybe they got some psychological issues, they chose to massacre their classmates. School shootings have destroyed so many families; many parents suddenly lost their children. School shootings have also had irreversible consequences for students. Their minds were deeply affected by the fire and formed some sequelae. “Post-traumatic stress disorder is a notable aftereffect of those who have witnessed and gun violence. A 1996 study on children who have experienced violent crime found that a significant number of them were affected by PTSD: 44.3 percent showed signs of “moderate” PTSD, while 18.6 percent were experiencing severe PTSD” (Basu). School shootings created too many psychological damages on children that they would recall what they went through and they have to try to get themselves rid of such pains. Furthermore, they might get to live a life of psychotherapy.

Shootings devastate not only people but also the US economy. There was a shooting on the night of October first, 2017, fifty-eight people dead and more than five hundred injured on that day. The shooting hit Las Vegas seriously. Within a few months of the shooting, there were very few visitors went to Las Vegas, no one dared go because they were afraid something similar would happen again. Hotels, casinos, restaurants and every service industry in Las Vegas were very depressed during the months. The damage created by the shooting was too significant for the US economy. “Yet gun violence in the U.S. also has an enormous financial cost, rippling through the economy in the form of lost wages, medical bills, higher taxes for law enforcement and lower property values, among other factors. Some estimates put the total annual tab of shootings at well over $100 billion, while others put it even higher” (Picchi). Shootings caused too much financial cost, and the government has to spend a lot of money to help survivors with their medical care costs. If the government strictly controls guns, I believe there will be fewer shootings around us.

Shootings created so many adverse consequences to the United States. Guns are being a significant threat to people; many ordinary people are killed by guns every day. Not only our people are in danger, but also the US economy is being destroyed by shootings. We need to stop the shootings from happening again and make sure our children can go to school safely. Thus, we need to control guns. As far as I am concerned, the government should strictly supervise the gun shops that people with no licenses should not be allowed to buy a gun, and destroy those guns owned by undocumented people. If it works out, people will be safer and happier, and the United States will have a better future.





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