xxrr-loving-jumboMarriage has always been a moving and happy experience for one with their partner to live with for the longest they can stay in. In a slightly different direction, there is also another kind of marriage that is considered the exact same and that are interracial marriage. It involves a couple with different skin colors or cultures from one another, and this kind of marriage have been committed and still increasing in the United States. Compared to the rate of regular marriages, it is just as they continue to emerge. This is all regardless of race but a healthy relationship. In other words, the race doesn’t matter at all. But there is one problem that a married couple and others get and that is receiving negative comments and views from people who are unaware of interracial marriages or, in hindsight, find them unusual and wanted them prohibited. People’s negative views of them may not be common, but they can be cruel.

The first interracial marriage that has been widely known in the United States are of the Loving couple. In 1958, Richard and Mildred Lovin fell in love at a young age, but a few months later, they both got arrested in their home in Virginia because the police were suspicious of what they were doing. This was when Virginia was still illegalized of interracial marriages. After the arrest, the court told them that they can’t stay there and must move to Washington D.C. There, they officially got married, but in 1963, they were fighting for their rights with help of two lawyers and Robert F. Kennedy, who agrees with their case, to “set aside their sentences.” On June 12, 1967, the Supreme Court came to an agreement of the Loving family’s case, and the law of biracial marriage has passed in Virginia, and it has reached attention and acclaim all over North America. In 2017, it marked the 50th anniversary of the passed law, and it has influenced this country to have this kind of marriage ever since.

People’s disgust of interracial marriage traces back in even earlier history when it was more punishing. This was when people read the bible thoroughly, which made them believe that this kind of marriage is unusual and said should be illegalized for their safety. In the article “Difficulties Faced by Interracial Couples Historically and Today,” the author, Nittle states that slavery of black people was “institutionalized” in the United States from the 1600’s, but they wouldn’t let them have relationships with others with different skin colors under the term “miscegenation.” Miscegenation is another word for an interracial relationship, which is also defined as “sexual” to the bible sound somewhat threatening for a single race.

What’s even worse is that this piece of information of this law was still available to look at until the mid-1900’s. It was shown in propaganda to understand the visual of interracial relationships. In another article, “Miscegenation and Anti Miscegenation Laws. What is this about?”, illegalized interracial marriage was ranged and extended from 1694 to 2000, due to people’s beliefs from the bible. So, it makes us ask these kinds of questions: “Does interracial marriages changed people’s beliefs?” and “Does it change the whole world for the better?” It all depends on everyone’s experiences and interests of it.

With this belief of this unallowed marriage from history, some might still believe this today because it was heavily against the law when the 1600’s had it. Many parents of their child, who is in an interracial relationship or marriage, have this reaction as well. The way we see a family on the regular basis, a man is married to a woman who has the same race as him, and they have a child who is an albino, which means he or she have the race skin as their parents. The reason why is that they don’t approve it because they may believe that these relationships are forbidden according to the bible. They sound like they come off as a hypocrite who literally follows the bible, for if these sins are committed, one goes to hell, and they wouldn’t dare do so. Even a couple’s friends may also disapprove of their relationship when they see it because then again, anyone can, all because they think it’s not right or maybe they follow the bible too.

As irrational as this sounds, people need to understand what they experience, and maybe it will be a good thing or a bad thing. Interracial marriage is one of them and people were concerned and sickened by the looks of it. Those who think it’s a bad just know them, but they don’t know the meaning of it, what right it has, or why people want this to be legalized. But on the other hand, most people believe that interracial marriages are allowed and can be committed because, looking at it now, it’s possible and can be done whenever people want it to be. But when people disapprove it, it doesn’t help for the law and the people, so we just got to stop looking at it as a negative and harmful thing. If they don’t, couples simply tell them off by blaming them that “that’s their problem…” because it’s not the couple’s fault at all.




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