Name: Thanh Ngo

Professor Sefferino Ramos

English 1B

September 21, 2018

School Shooting- No More Delay!

When you are asked if you think your school will have a school shooting, what you will answer? Of course, the answer is “No” because nobody wants it to happen. However, school shooting is an unpredictable thing which can happen at any school, at any time. The Gun Use is always the controversial topic in US and it becomes more serious when the number of school shooting is increasing. People keep debating about should government ban the citizens to use guns. In many other countries, such as, Thailand and Vietnam, people do not have a right to own gun, unless they want to be sent to jail. Guns are only used by authorized officials, such as policeman, airport-style securities. In contrast, US which is known as freedom countries, allows people to own guns. American people can buy a gun if they have a license and if they obey the gun law. However, the gun use is being out of control when public shooting, especially in schools are eventually more popular and serious which requires many solutions as soon as possible.

School shooting becomes an alert for American when the number of cases increases at high speed. According to CNN news, in the first 6 months of 2018, there are 23 school shooting cases in different states of American which killed and hurt many people (Saeed Ahmed and Christina Walker). Some of the murderers are even students who are not supposed to be able to own a gun. For example, in May 2018, at a Texas high school, the 17 years old high school student became a killer when shooting 10 students and threatening hundreds more (Williams, Blankstein, et al). School shooting becomes haunting worry for students and their families. The problem is put in scale to analyze and find the answer for a question about how to control and minimize the school shooting. So, what are the causes of school shooting and how to deal with it?

When student become cold-blood killer, they are the victims themselves. There are many more students who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. They feel as no one listen to them, they were victims of bullying for long time. Therefore, they want to revenge which leads to an idea shooting other students. It means mental health of children should be taken more attention. Parents who are usually busy with their jobs does not keep their eyes on kids frequently. The kid may be a victim of school violence for years or his mental health is affected by violent game/ movies. Many things can happen to their children, but they are too busy to notice. Mental illness which never shows up obviously requires intensive attention.

However, how can a teenager get a gun? Although government launch tons of gun laws, there are still many hidden ways for people to get gun illegally. Students can get a gun at the black market with the cheap price or they can steal it from their parents. In 2004, the US Secret Services and the Department of Education reported that two-thirds teenager shooters got those guns from their home or from their relatives (Vossekuil, 2004). It means gun controlling need to take even more attention, not only from government, but also from gun owners.

To decrease the number of school shooting to lowest level, school as well as family should pay more attention on improving mental health care for children. “Pushing the blame onto guns diverts it from where the real need is: better, more comprehensive mental health services and facilities” (Saidi). Schools and families are required to take actions together. The psychology consulting courses where students feel free to share their problems and ask for advices need to be organized many times during each semester at schools. There are can also establish a hotline which helps students feel more comfortable in case they don’t want to talk in person. Besides that, families should spend more time with their kids. Instead of blaming on their faults and yelling to them, parents better be more patient and give children advices. Sharing is caring. Parents need to talk to their kids more often, so they won’t feel lonely and get lost.

Strengthen the gun law is the second solution. Because of being careless of gun owner, a kid can steal his gun and become a murder. The gun owners are required to undergo mandatory training which teaches them carefully how to lock up gun, loading, and unloading safely.  Especially how to store a gun safely (Saidi). The gun owners must make sure that nobody can use their gun, in any purpose. Government should increase the punishment to a gun owner who cannot keep his gun in control. Moreover, parents should need let their children know they own a gun or show them how to use it. Trying to keep children being aware of using gun is a way to protect them.

Thirdly, build classrooms with two doors. Having two exit doors is good way to protect student not only in school shooting situations, but also gives them more chances to escape if there is a fire or earthquake. When the gunman attacked Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018, David Hogg – the 17-year-old student noticed the L-shaped room had two doors and escaped from the gunman (Amos). Although this way cannot stop the school shooting, it can minimize the patients.

Finally, organizing self-protection training courses for students is also helpful method. Last semester, Chaffey college organized the imitation of school shooting. The teachers showed student how to protect themselves and escape for the shooters. Students also had a chance to practice. That is the good idea of giving students acknowledge of self-protection. At least they will know what they need to do when their lives are in danger. Schools need more these kinds of training. Having at least one training course each semester helps student to aware more clearly about how dangerous of the school shooting as well as the importance of self-protection.

In conclusion, although allowing people to use gun help them feel safer, it causes different issue, such as school shooting. With increasing the number of cases, government, schools as well as every single family need to take actions to minimize of innocent deaths. Government should strengthen the gun law to ensure the gun owner keep their gun in safe. Besides that, there should be self-protection training and having two doors in classroom which will give students more chances to alive. Finally, mental healthcare must be taken more focus. Kids always need love and care. To minimize the problem, it need hands of everybody.

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