Every pet owner wants what’s best for their furry family member whether you’re a dog, cat, rodent, bird or reptile lover we strive to always provide whats the best for our beloved friends. Advertisements for pet supplies is vital to these companies because they are aware the consumer will only purchase what appeals to them and attracts them the most to a product. Therefore, using tools such as gaining your trust, attracting your attention, and basic logic, companies can successfully advertise to you meeting your needs thus creating a good name for themselves.

Taking a closer look into The Purina Beneful dog food ad we can analyze the brilliant use of text, displays, and colors to grasp your attention and to gain your customer loyalty. The Ad creators were thorough enough to follow through with the dog chosen to be the face of this line of food. The verbiage Of the bag exhibit the fresh and healthy choice of dog food for the common dog the writers of the sad use aspects of art psychology and English to perfectly portray this product as the best choice. Each part of the ad was carefully calculated before it was released to the public and other devices had uses to their advantage it’s a play on the title Beneful and the color scheme to appeal to the audience.

Image result for benefulImmediately looking at the ad dog food display reads my eyes immediately to the center where the happy smiling dog resides on the bag of dog food then my eyes continue to look around the bag were fresh vegetables and meat is pictured. Immediately following, my eyes look at a shown bowl of dog food. the ad was made on black paper and on the center of the ad is a picture of the product thus being a bowl and bag of dog food. The colors of the dog food are contrasting the black background the bowl consist of yellow red green orange and white bag. Around the bag of dog food there are three bubbles each have a keynote written inside of them as to how it benefits the dog consuming this product.

This ad appeals to the sight because of its colors on the color wheel green and orange are across from each other colors on the opposite side of the color wheel are complementary meaning the colors make one another pop this appeals to the pathos. Pathos is an emotional appeal that either settles well with the senses or the emotions. Our eyes are immediately attracted to colors that pop so when they use color such as green and red in the dog food across your attention and makes you look at the product whether you intend to or not.Related image When looking at an ad seeing these colors will make the reader immediately stopped to see the ad or foot back in the magazine to view the page again the black background of the ad makes the white bag and colorful vegetables contrast in harmony providing eyes with an enticing location to start reading. Much research was put into this ad including the use of psychology in psychology as studied colors cause thought restaurant such as McDonald’s and In and Out use red to condition you to think of food the color red triggers the hunger thought when you see the golden arches or the two palm trees. The Purina checkered symbol has a resemblance of a chef’s apron this subliminally reminds you the dog food is made fresh and for your dog in particular. Once again appealing to the pathos.

The use of ethos and logos in this Ad are combined Purina does not have much of a bad reputation because with pet foods you get a few Superior Brands and then a couple of generic brands but there’s not much competition in that industry so they are not worried about losing customers only thing dog food companies mostly have to worry about is maintaining their name. Ethos has the ethical appeal with the dog food ad you want to make sure they are worried about your dog specifically that they are not cutting any corners not making a cheap product just to make a buck you are genuinely worried about your dog and the company wants to ensure you that they are concerned about your dogs health as well.  this product is called Purina Beneful brand dog food as I mentioned before the writers use wordplay and they were specific on the dog they chose in the ad everything is connected from the title text with all words but brand being capitalized and the dog they chose. The word brand is only in lower case because they wanted to show any dog can eat this product the dog on the cover of that bag is a mutt once again reiterating food is for all dogs. The title Beneful is a play on words the sadness all the health benefits using words such as helpful vitamins and minerals and Beneful Beneful is repeated five times throughout the ad as I learned in English whenever a  word is repeated is it significant because the writer really wants you to remember the significance.

The use of ethos logos and pathos in advertisements is very important it may sound redundant to say very important but without these three elements there are no customers for a product.a key factor into selling something is appearance. appearance means everything and if an ad if it looks rough to look at because it looks Bland and boring no one’s going to take the time to read about your product. But if there’s too much going on in an ad consumers become preoccupied with the ad and not the product. so with the right amount of appearance reliability and how much you can relate to the reader or viewer, any advertisement can be successful.

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I used this website as a checklist for all the important grounds that an ad needs to check on before publishing to ensure it will appeal to the intended audience. i compared the ad i looked at with all the points the article brought up to see how well the authors appealed to logos ethos and pathos.

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before appealing the the any audience, the ad must first grab the attention long enough for the viewer to read. i used this article to read on how to create an effective ad to grab the attention i then looked at the ad and chose to discuss the strong points behind thtis advertisement.
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i looked at this article after reading about the effectiveness of creating an ad to see if the way Purina advertises was successful or not. because even if the dog food was good for the dog, people would not purchase the product if it was presented poorly. by looking at these numbers the advertisement has a good impact with the viewers.
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i am going to use the reading of this website to reinforce my claims of why specific colors are important to use for ads by paraphrasing