Fabian Tiscareno


English 1b

16 October 2018


One of the songs you’ll love to listen to when you are down and need some words to uplift you is Heading home by Josef Salvat featuring Gryffin. The song is a about no matter what you do in life or what you are there’s always going to be someone that will say something negative or even judge you for it, but like the song says “people gonna to talk and people gonna judge, but they can say what they like but it won’t keep up at night no!” you can’t let what people say or do stop you from being you. You live your life like you want to and don’t let anyone stop that or change that, Do what you want to do and be what you want to be. This is a very beneficial song to listen to when you are down and sad from being picked on or being the outcast for what are or choose to be. Since this age in time many people dress a certain way, act a certain way, even look a certain way. Or one of the biggest things going on now is peoples gender and sexual preferences, being gay, lesbian, or bi sexual.


I love this song not only for the message it has, but also for having a piano for a main instrument with some electronic beats in the background sounding kind of like a pop song that takes the song over when it starts to pick up. A slow soft clamming tone from the piano in the beginning and when the songs starts to pick up it has a strong repetitive beats that takes over the song that motivates and empowers even one that makes you want to get up and dance but also one to relax to and listen. The song is very relaxing and up lifting. It blends old end modern together,  the classic beautiful sounds of a piano with the modern beats of EDM “electronic dance music”  The electronic beat and strong piano makes a very unique combination makes this song very catchy it gets imprinted in your head for days after I hear it.


The singer in this song has a strong voice that keeps repeating the same message, the key phrase thru out the whole song “people gonna do talk and people gonna judge, but they can say what they like but it won’t keep me up at night no!’ The lyric’s to this song are strong in the way that they are sung and also the message they give. No matter what you are a jock, a nerd, social or anti-social, your sexual preference, even what you Wear and dress like to what you drives it never fails that there are people out there that will try and put you down or judge you for It . This can be a big problem and get to a lot of people by putting them down and changing their attitude and mood. Getting into someone’s head. The main massage in this song is positive by saying that no matter what people say it should never get to you and never lose anything to it. To be strong and brush it off, never let it phase you. You be you and never let what people say get to you, live your life like you want to let people judge and say what they want but it’s never going to mean anything to you . The way the song send the positive motivating massage in the lyric is by the way the singer sings it and how many times it’s repeated over and over. It like it’s trying to get the message stuck in your head by the tones and manner Gryffin sings it, the tone and manner he says it by making it stand out when he says it. Repeating the message like it should be positive look on life and how to help you live it without any drama. By ignoring what is said and ignore all people’s negative comments about you or what you do. Like the songs says “maybe we’re still lost or maybe we’ll never learn” there are always going to be some problems and conflict in life that we are going to run into and people are going to talk no matter what, things are going to be said some positive and some negative but you can lose sleep over it and just got to move on with life and not let it hurt you. Especially in this age in time people have a lot to say so there will always be someone with a negative comment or something stupid to say to start something. I always listen to this song when I have a bad day and can’t handle it, this song does hit a nerve and I get emotional when I listen to it sometimes. But it does help a lot in changing that state of mind I am in.

This song message is beneficial and positive when current times have a been bad and big problem with people’s negative comments on just about anything they don’t like about someone else, and all the hate pointed at same sex marriages , the way some people identify them salves sexually, or the way someone decides to dress and or the way the want to look . It’s a different type of song from the ones in mainstream radio that just talk about the same common things just like most song do, and the same nine or ten songs played over and over. This song heading home was a good change with a good message that is very relevant in these time. Helping people battle the negative energy and hate that goes around from people that are to ignorant and don’t want to see how people want to be and live their own lives. This song can be used for nothing different thing that are being said about someone.

Overall this song is really goof with beat and the piano in the beginning but the message it sends out that, how that massage is perfect for a lot of the situation that are happening in this day and age, how a lot of people want to spread bad comments and hate just cause they can. How listening to this song and paying attention to the lyric It will give you a positive outlook and a way to handle those negative comments that are being said. I myself love this song a lot and listen to it for a pick me up.


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