“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom” (Winfrey). In today’s world an education is vital in order to have a successful career. There are so many reasons why you should acquire a degree . You can avoid the struggles of a dead end job, low wages and feeling hopeless. The commercial “We can do IT,” depicts how a single mom’s factory job is being replaced with technology. According to Jeff Ward Bailey, “Reports states that work activities most likely to be automated are physical activity performed in retail and manufacturing, as well collecting, and processing data.” These jobs are a large portion that don’t need a degree. The commercial is showing the importance of obtaining a degree so you don’t risk the chance of being replaced by technology. As this commercial demonstrates the struggles of a single mom without a degree by using ethos, pathos and logos show how important it is to get an education. Sometimes life can pass you by and you can find yourself stuck in undesirable situations. No matter what your situation maybe you can always go back to school and get a degree.

The opening shot of the animated “We Can Do It’ commercial begins with a single mom in the kitchen, as her son is running and playing with his toy rabbit. Her son falls down and she picks him up to comfort him, just like every mother would. The scene then changes to her working at a factory. The background music begins and we hear the lyrics, “oh my life is changing everyday in every possible way I want more impossible to ignore.” It shows her overlooking her job site with fear; as her workplace, onced filled with employees are now slowly being replaced by technology. You see her eventually being the last employee working, but is soon let go. The scene changes back to the kitchen; she sits in the dark with her chin resting in her hand, her face filled with utter despair. This gave me the urge to want to reach through the screen and give her a hug to assure everything would be okay. As she sulks with fear, her son comes to her side and tries to comfort her just as she did to him in the beginning of the commercial. While hugging her son, she looks over at the box with her personal belongings from work. The iconic Rosie The Riveter poster with the words “We Can Do It” catches her eye. At this moment, she noticeably filled with inspiration. She grabs her computer and opens it up to the University of Phoenix’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology website.

The purpose of this commercial was to inspire working single mothers to keep reaching for their dream, no matter the situation. The commercial used ethos, pathos and logos to inform, show emotion and probability. This commercial depicts how quickly factory and minimum wage jobs can be replaced by technology. We constantly come across this type of technology, such as the self checkout machines at most movie theatres, grocery stores and even fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds. This ties in logos with the probability of losing your job to machines is a high risk when you don’t have a degree. According to Bailey, “An estimated 47 percent of jobs in the United States are susceptible to automation within the next 20 years as computers and robots become more sophisticated”(7). Technology is constantly on the rise, so it important to stay educate so you don’t have to worry about your place easily being taken. The commercial is strongly pathos driven with the slow song title “Dream,” as it brings the animation to life to show the strong emotions of what the single mom is going through. This song really pulls on the the heart strings and emotionally draws you to the commercial. As a single mom myself, this commercial was extremely relatable. I could feel her brokenness and the unknown on how she’s was going to provide for her family. They use a poster with the slogan, “We Can Do It,” and at the end of the commercial they display “WE RISE.” This is to say that with the help of the University of Phoenix and your own motivation, you can accomplish your dreams. They demonstrate ethos by showing the mom as she goes back to school, working, dealing with her kids and staying up late at night doing homework, and her hard work finally paying off once she graduates. Towards the end of the commercial they show her sitting at her new workplace, she gets a black marker and writes “IT”(Information of Technology) over “it” which signifies all that she has accomplished. I thought that was brilliant!
The “We Can Do It” commercial is designed to appeal to single moms in similar situations. So you can connect emotionally with the commercial. It’s a relatable situation so you too can picture yourself overcoming the same obstacles to accomplishing your dreams. The commercials is engaging you to realize that you can have a better life by going back to school and getting a degree. For any single parent watching they will be encouraged to achieve what may seem impossible. You start to tell yourself if that mom can work, raise kids and get her degree, so can I.
I was inspired after watching this commercial that a degree will bring success and will get rid of any struggle that I may be going through. If I wasn’t already enrolled in college, I would have been convinced that enrolling in college is what I need to do. So it gave me the reassurance that I’m exactly where I need to be and to keep reaching for my dreams.

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The summary of this source shows that computers are getting more sophisticated and some of the jobs we have today will be automated. This source gives statistics on how the workforce will look like in 20 year which helps as evidence in my essay.

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The summary of this source is to back up what University of Phoenix claim to the audience, that if you don’t have a degree technology will eventually take over. This article reinforce what the University of Phoenix claims and it helps my argument that what they are saying is true.

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”
The summary of this source ties in with what this commercial is try to established. I thought it would work well to have this quote as my introduction because it workswith the argument.