Many years ago when I when I was much younger, my family did lots of fun activities. One of the things we did was go camping. We would go to many different places with many different backdrops. Most of them were deserts because of the area we live in, but every single one of them had their own nice environment. We were part of a much bigger family of campers that all enjoying traveling and visiting different camping areas during the spring, winter, and fall months. My father would tell my sister and I that summer was way too hot to go camping. As a young boy I didn’t understand it but I understand it now, and I’m glad we didn’t go during the summer. The other camping families had kids my age and I was very good friends with them. We would always play outside for hours when we went on these adventurous trips. When the night came we would light a bonfire to roast marshmallows, so we can make smores. We all absolutely enjoyed making and eating them.

After many years of camping we decided to get dirt bikes and we started taking them camping with us. This is what I call turning camping up a notch. Dirt bike riding was something I really I liked to do the more and more I did it. It was really fun to me and I would be outside for hours riding the dirt bike until it got dark or I ran out of gas, whichever came first. At this stage me and my camping friends were older, so we had more freedom to ride out farther and ride faster. We would we sometimes go and find an open area and try to race each other for fun.

Many of the families we went camping with also had boats so it was a natural transition for us to also get a boat and join them on their water adventures. We went to a place in Arizona called Lake Mohave, it was a really big lake with small beaches on the side to park the boat and chill there. It was the perfect lake to take your boat if you had one. We and the other families had inflatable water rafts that hook up to the boat so the boat can pull them while it had people sitting on the raft behind. It was so much fun that to this day I wish I can go back whenever and take the boat out with all my trip friends.

All these activities were so much fun, but I think the one that I enjoyed and will continue enjoying the longest is snowboarding. Throughout my life I never really thought about snowboarding and didn’t think I would ever get that into it, but one day when we went on a trip to Lake Tahoe, and my dad said “Hey we should try snowboarding, I think it would be fun.” So we tried out snowboarding for the first time. Of course I was really bad at it and got frustrated with it. I thought I would I never get to where I want to be. I remember seeing other people going fast and hitting jumps and I thought I would never get there. I would have trouble controlling the board and braking when I needed to. We started to go snowboarding more and more, so with the help of my dad I got more and more confident and gained more experience to where he didn’t need to help me as much anymore, I sort of figured it out myself and did what I felt comfortable with. I had lots of trouble with toe braking, that was something I was scared to do because it required you to turn your back and it was easy to fall if you didn’t know what you were doing or if you didn’t have control of your balance and board. The truth is my dad was a bit of a beginner also with only a year or two of experience more than me, so I can pretty much say when we went snowboarding together we were kinda teaching each other as time went on.

Little by little over time I started to appreciate it more and more. I got better and better at it each time my dad took me snowboarding to our local mountains. I remember very well that my dad told me that he was planning a trip for him and I to go to Utah to snowboard. By this time we were already more experienced and we felt ready to take a trip to a much bigger mountain resort and see how we do. We had a fantastic time and we snowboarded very well on the bigger mountain sides. It was there that we decide to do a father and son snowboarding trip every year, and still to this day we still plan on doing these trips and we only keep on gaining more and more experience.

In conclusion I have been living my life thinking I would never get into snowboarding and I didn’t think I would like it much if I ever did it, but I was very wrong. I absolutely love snowboarding and I have gotten to be very good at it. The big lesson that I learned is that even if you think you will not like something, you should always give it a chance when you can, you never know how you will feel about something until you actually try it.