I hadn’t realized that being organized would help me in a lot of aspects of my adult life. In my early childhood, being organized seemed like a horrid hobby to consider on a daily basis. Growing up with a messy and un-organized room was both the frustration and enjoyment of my childhood. Looking for cloths that matched or even trying to find my toys was always so easy for me. For my mom on the other hand, she wanted no part in dealing with my very messy room. At that time yelling seemed to be my mom’s favorite tone of voice. “No going outside to play until your room is clean and organized!” Ear pulling, no more toys, or no going outside would be my punishment for having a messy room. What kind of parent takes these joys away from their children? Maybe my mom hated the outdoors. Maybe she hated my friends. Maybe she wanted to keep me inside forever. Whatever her issues were I wasn’t agreeing to any of them. I knew where everything in my room was, what was so bad about it being messy?

In the evenings after school I would arrive home knowing I wouldn’t be able to go outside and play with my friends unless my room was clean and organized. An easy way out for me was to hide the mess under my bed or in my closet. At the time My mom and I had two different concepts of how a room should be cleaned. My concept of cleaning a room was shoving everything under my bed or in my closet. Shoes, cloths, toys, and trash would quickly be scrambled. Anything and everything would be put away in these perfect hiding places. “All finished.” I would tell my mom as I ran out of my front door. Freedom at last, now that my room was “clean” I would be able to play outside, I had gotten away with a messy room once more. By 7pm it was time to go inside to shower and get ready for bed. When I reached my front door and went inside, there she stood. Arms crossed and that look on her face. You know that look of disappointment or maybe it was that I give up on you look. I remember it like it was yesterday. “ I’ve told you for the last time, Why cant you just organize your room? Why must I tell you time and time again?” The lecture that night wasn’t that bad, tomorrow would be another day. Another day to clean my room or disappoint my mom.

The next day after school when I arrived home I ran to my room to try and “organize” it one more time. When I entered my room there it was, a brand new baby doll. I asked myself why? My room was still a mess, how come I had a new doll. I went to ask my mom if she was the one who had bought me the new baby doll and left it in my room for me. She answered yes, she was hoping it would convince me to clean my room. Since she wasn’t upset anymore because of what I had done the evening before, she offered to help me clean and organize my room. As we both walked into my room we saw two different views. I saw the nice pink and purple walls of my room along with a new baby doll waiting at the top of my dresser for me. What my mom saw was very different, she saw a very messy room with lots of things under my bed and a closet ready to blow open because of everything I had shoved in there. She asked me where should we start first and I suggested we start under the bed.

As we began to clean my room my mom stressed that this would be the very last time she would help me. She told me “ I only want you to learn to clean and organize your room because being an organized and clean person can help you for the rest of your life in many aspects. Everything you do as in adult takes form in what you are taught as a child.” That evening almost all of what she said to me went in through one ear and out the other. Afterall I only cared about being able to finish organizing my room so I could play with my new baby doll. When we had finished cleaning my room it was time to go to bed. I was upset because it took so long to clean my room I didn’t have anytime left to play with my doll. My mom told tomorrow would be a new day and my room would be clean so I could play with my doll then. In that moment I realized because my room had been so messy and it had taken so long to clean I wasn’t able to play. I knew then it would be best and probably easier to just keep my room clean and organized to be able to do what I wanted in the evenings.

Many years have passed by since I was a child, and I should mention that many years of having a messy room have also passed by. I’m not going to say that I learned on that evening to keep my room clean and organized. What I will say is that after many years of being yelled at for a messy room and many years of the same lecture, I have been molded into keeping my room tidy and well organized. I can also say that in certain aspects of my life organization have come hand and hand with me. Whether it’s my job, my school, or even my car, I like to be organized. It is always a delight, the satisfaction of actually knowing where everything is. In addition being able to pass on that being a clean and organized person isn’t so bad. And that it can even be very soothing to have a clean organized atmosphere around you. Now as an adult the littlest things like having a clean room bring me joy. I guess the person I have to thank the most for enforcing this into my life is my mom. Her lectures and yelling at me taught me that one day everything we learn as a child does catch up when we are adults. Whether it is good or bad, its just another experience to add to our lives.