Class Notes and Summaries

Themes and Topics

  • War
  • Death
  • Drugs, drug use
  • Family
  • Sexual assault
  • Dating, relationships
  • love, lovers
  • Unhappy with circumstances
  • Jobs, careers, loss of
  • No named characters
  • cell phones
  • internet
  • “sex”
  • normal city life
  • “Doors” passages
    • Australia
    • Tokyo
    • San Diego
    • Dubai
    • unnamed
  • assault at the bank
  • death of characters
  • family sacrifice, father not leaving
  • Escaping their war torn home

Saeed & Nadia Scenes

Scenes where they are together:
First time they spoke was on Page 4 Chapter 1: They were at the stairwell Saeed asked Nadia if she wants to get coffee with him.
Second time they met up was on described on pg 16 chapter: They had coffee together one day after class where he asked Nadia about her all-concealing black robe.
The third time they met was described on pg24 chapter 2: They met at a Chinese food restaurant.
Later on Pg27 chapter 2 After the restaurant they head out to Nadia’s house where Saeed gets snuck into her room by wearing a black robe.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1

•character intro
•Saeed neets Nadia
•they describe their jobs
•they describe their living
•Saeeds parents love story
•Saeeds parents traditional sex life
•Saeeds parents jobs
•Saeed sitting outside and looking at stars
•Nadia not very traditional/religious
•Nadia writes motorcycle
•the first door in Australia

Chapter 2

Nadia are quiet
Nadia left the house
Nadia work at a insurance company
Nadia moved in with a gynecologist
Nadia went on her first date
Nadia smoked a joint
Nadia didn’t make it to her cousins funeral
Nadia dated a musician

Chapter 3

– Nadia and Saeed both have phones
-Saeed limits his phone use to one hour a day
– The two connect through the phone and think of each other more because of the phone
– the first time they become intimate, Nadia brings shrooms
– old guy loses his brother to throat cancer
-everyone has a curfew because of the attack
-nadia tries to have sex with Saeed but he refuses because it is against his religion
-Saeed prays for peace at church
-Saeed’s dad regrets his choice in career path because he wanted to be able to send Saeed to a better school
-Saeed and Nadia met every day for lunch and held hands and teased

Chapter 4

All cellphones are cut off
Saeed tries to find ways to contact her but can’t
Nadia rushes to bank to get out money
She is sexually assaulted while at bank
She rushes to her apartment where Saeed is waiting
They go up to her room and smoke a joint, then Nadia tries having sex again to forget about bank incident
Saeed refuses to have sex again
Nadia gives Saeed the black robe so he can come over whenever he wants
Another door scene happens, with a guy with a gun
Nadia walks past her old house and notices that it is smashed
Nadia and Saeed both lose their jobs
Rumors about the secret doors spread around the city
Saeed’s mother is killed by a stray bullet
Saeed convinces Nadia to move in with him and his dad

Chapter 5

A funeral
No proper burials
Militant checks
Picked up a lemon tree, money, record player at Nadia old house
Music not allow
Public executions
Militants took over
Paid some one take them the city
Nadia and Saeed don’t share rooms and they only kiss
Unmarried lovers are suffering consequences
The father doesn’t want to leave the mother

Chapter 6

•went through door and land in greek islands of Mykonos
•stuck there for a couple of days
•they run low on money
•they start trading things
• they talk to people from Madrid and Aukland
•Thought they were getting chased by four guys
•as they were running away, Nadia cut herself
•when they went to the clinic, they met a volunteer
•they became friends and the volunteer took them to another door

Chapter 7

• Saeed and Nadia woke up in a luxurious place thinking that it was a hotel when in reality they were in an empty Mansion
• They are with other people with migrants from other countries
• They all get caught by the house keeper then the police come in equipped
• Some migrants were able to escape but other stayed
• Some people are banging pots and pans in support to keep the migrants in place by scaring away the police.
• Nadia had no idea where she was when woken up as she saw Saeed praying
• Un-named man planned committing suicide and sees the dark doorway which reminds him of his mothers illness. reminiscing about his childhood.
• Un-named man was able to look through the doorway and eventually was able to send pictures to his family offering them to come over to Nambia and visit him.
• Saeed and Nadia begin fighting more often over necessities
• They are getting more annoyed of each other.
• They are away from war yet Saeed and Nadia are in between Riots not knowing where to flee.
• Old lady commented on their relationship speaking about the fox being a symbol of their love for each other.
• The fox becomes more reckless and takes a dump in symbolizing their relationship.

Chapter 8

  • Everyone is gone except Nigerians with different religious beliefs
  • Nadia joins the council meetings
  • A young Nigerian woman with a leather jacket and chipped tooth doesn’t take Nadia seriously
  • Some of the men were being territorial
  • Saeed wasn’t comfortable
  • Nadia felt at home with the Nigerians
  • Saeed’s new family at the vicarage gate(people from his country)
  • The power comes back on
  • Nadia and Saeed get into an argument
  • The battle of London brought them back to where they had to barricade their room
  • Nadia and Saeed had to venture for food but barley found almonds each day
  • Weeks pass and the natives leave and the water came back on