Quick Write

What image would help you make your claim? What image would help argue your point?


Mediterranean Migrants Tragedy

Write for 2 minutes on this photo.

  • What do you notice? List concrete details.
  • How does it make you feel? What emotions are displayed?
  • What is going on in the photo? Where was this taken? Take a guess at the context.

Images can be read just like any other text.

Your turn to find a documentary image that is deserving of analysis and adds to your essay.

Find an image that will add to your paper and support your argument.

End of Exit West

We read chapter 9 – 12 and finished the novel for today. To help everyone with the paper, write summaries of each chapter.

Formal Writing


For this assignment, use a formal or more professional writing style.

Here is a good video that explains the difference between formal and informal writing styles.

Remember, you are making an argument based on the book. You do not want it to sound like your opinion and a formal style helps us to maintain that.

Present the facts cleanly. Answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how clearly.

  • Who are you writing about? or Who are you writing to?
  • What are you writing about? Topic
  • When is this? Past, present, or future? When are you writing this.
  • Where does it take place? Where does it apply?
  • Why are you writing about this? Why does it matter?
  • How are you presenting information? How did you get the information?

Keep out of it. Aim for a neutral, third-person perspective.

Avoid connotative language. Use the words carefully to give the meaning you intend.

Pay attention to elements of design. Use the medium and genre to your advantage. If you have different sections, use headings to help organize.

Grading Criteria

Clear Topic and Debatable Thesis
Focused Paragraphs and Analysis
Use of Sources
Images and Title
Works Cited and Proper MLA

Peer Review

Formal Style. You should use a formal style for this assignment. Look for the use of I, you, me, and we and give suggestions on how to remove them. The writer should maintain a third person perspective.

MLA Style. Make sure you are citing in MLA style.

Cite the author of the work. No comma in between author and page number. Make sure it has a works cited page.

Evidence. Do they provide enough evidence from the text to support the points they are making. If not, you can suggest scenes or lines to support the points.

Remember the “Chips and Salsa.” There is no set amount, but there should be enough salsa (evidence) for each chip (reason).


Class Review 10 Minutes

In small groups, come up with the most important or helpful lessons, readings, activities, or discussions that helped you improve as a writer.

List three to four things that you can share with the rest of the class.

Final Draft is due next class. Final exam is next class.