Composting is the process of using food scraps for your own benefit and the environment. “Composting is a great way to reduce your food waste and contributions to greenhouse gas emissions” (Hunt).

Composting Bin Filled With Scraps

Composting can be used as an alternative for fertilizer, which is nutrient-rich for gardens and allows them to grow better. Composting doesn’t burn the soil like chemical fertilizers do. Each year, every American throws out about 1,200 pounds of organic waste that could be composted. Composting is not well known, even I didn’t know what is was and didn’t know the positive impact that it can have and how we need awareness to this topic

The amount of waste that is thrown away is very dangerous to our climate and environment. The heaps of food waste that is being produced at this minute is very threatening and harmful to us and the Earth.

And when the food scrapes reaches landfills they don’t get any oxygen, and they aren’t able to breakdown properly, which releases methane. “Methane is a greenhouse gas that’s around 30x more potent than carbon dioxide”(biggers). And is 100x more worse for the climate.

Companies are popping up to help the fight against climate change, but people are still blind and uninformed on what they can throw away and where can they go, but most importantly they don’t know what it is. Most processing sites for composting don’t know how to handle food like meat, fish, bones, shells, cheese or dairy products.

In addition fats, grease, or greasy foods,pet feces, litter, or charcoal. The foods that are able to be composted are fruit and vegetable scraps,coffee grounds, filters, and paper tea bags bread and grains eggshells and nut shell. Stale beans, flour, and spice.

In Fontana there is no known local food scraps drop off. There needs to be more awareness and attention to composting.

Composting has many positive effects and impacts on this earth, after all we do live here don’t you want to live longer than 19 months? If we don’t take care and restore the damage we’ve done then there’ll be no going back. It’s sad that we now have taken notice on how bad our climate is.

There are many steps no matter how small that we can do and it doesn’t require a lot of work that some people think is hard but it’s not that hard to be green. “Basically, if you toss organic material into a pile, give it a little oxygen and water, and wait a while, you’ll wind up with compost, which is the finest soil amendment, conditioner, and fertilizer you can get your hands on”(HGTV). It doesn’t take much work to make a difference and it doesn’t take too much to care.


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