Victor Figueroa 

September 30,2019

Prof. Ramos

English 1A

                                            Video Games Untold Truth


            Video games have been around for a long period of time dating back to 1958, as time went by video games began to become more state of the art, the transition of a few small pixels turned into authentic images that seem to be more and more lifelike as each year goes by. When dealing with the topic of video games there seems to be a negative correlation with the topic, the negative became more and more over dramatic. People began saying that video games are the reasons for why there have been an increase of violence in our society. The main problem that needs to be address which is that there is no correlation between video games and violent crimes, parents do not need to fear that their child will not to grow up to a criminal who is capable of kill hundreds due to playing a video game. We need to stop listening to only the negative feedback on activity such as video games, since the person or group may or may not understand the full viewpoint. 


            Right now many people all over America are current living in a post truth society, which is a major concern  that may impact our society. With the current news outlet and articles that are produce by major companies, we are now force to listen and read about event that may only give a fraction of the told, media now focuses on triggering emotion instead of presenting information. Now that we have entered a post truth America we have no clue if the source of information that was provided may be misleading and are attempting on putting a negative impact on an individual, location, or object. When looking at media there tends to be a trend where they tend to point the blame on the topic of video games, they are technically applying that video games should have a symbol similar to those of a poison chemical due the dangerous potential that it holds. 

             Going back media seemed to be in a war with games by mentioning how toxic it can be one example is with an arcade game labeled Death Race in which was released back in 1976. The concept of the game was able to cause horrors in the media ideas and which lead news channels to label this game as sick(bad) even though it was just a few pixels that were not event detailed. Unlike other entertainment at the time Death Race was considered horror for adults, even though at the time there were other entertainment that had more graphic violence such as Tarzan and Scooby-Doo, which had people actually getting injured and or killed. The problem that we are facing is that media has a bias opinion when they try to cover a story, they tend to shift the blame on something, and in cases of violence they always mention video games as either the start for violence or the final trigger for it. Until we can fully trust the News video games will have to keep the label that it was assign with which either in the category toxic or work of art, each of the view point is scene by many different people parent could say games are a positive reinforcement, a large portion may think games are able to shape a person mind for the bad. 

             In 2012  an example of negative plebiscite occurred for video games as a whole, a shooting had occurred in a public elementary school which lead to at least 26 people being shot that consisted of both children and adults. One of the few News outlets covers the story and multiple news outlets phrase their words in order to put the blame on games and also at mental disability. CBS News were one of the few who reported on the incident which was caused by a person named Adam Lanza, the explanation that was given showed that Adam had tendency to play long hours in video games, and was mentally disorder, the report fail to mention the type of games he played only labeling it as violent. The report failed to mention that Adam was known for playing the so called violent video game Dance-Dance Revolution, so now we are labeling games that encourage moving around and following the rhythm violent, we might as well put PG-13 label on shows like Sesame Street and Caillou if we calling a dancing game violent. The way that situation is being played is similar to labeling a human a dog just because they sitting around all day and like to go around where they are not suppose to. What we need to know is that video games are not the source of violence not all video games are going to be the same as each other each have a different story and activities that they set up in order to make them well-known. 


Video to help (Adam ruins everything, video game violence myth): V=wzaI3IsCuko&t=214s

            In our society have the instinct to see that their children are growing up in a environment that they have the capability of succeeding, the problem is that parent have a negative view on video games. There are multiple cases that playing a video game is less violent than watching a TV show/movie, or even watching sports. With the research that has been conducted there is no shown correlation between the subject of video games and violent acts of. One question still needs to be answered and that question is why do we still believe that there is still correlation between the two subjects. One of the reasons is that we tend to follow people who have a higher status than us, we tend to follow and believe people who can either manage to look the part of someone who is intelligent, or knows how to sound intelligent. An example on why we believe video games are corrupting our children is politicians who claim false data as the truth in order to show that they worry and gain sympathy from his/her audience. President of the United State Donald Trump mentions his negative opinion but saying, “the level of violence in video games is really shaping young people thoughts (Time, March 2018)”. What was quoted here is actual evidence that was given by our president, even though he had no evidence to support his claim people still believed in what he said.

             Politician and other individuals are able to raise point that help make there argument against video games true which is does raise some value such as a raise of aggression and possibility causing some injured themselves by taking what is considered the easy way out. But there have been evidence that related to gun homicides is being more common here in American than what is in Japan, you know one of Countries that are famous for playing and creating games. The average amount of death that we have here compare to Japan is 96 times the average amount of Japan’s homicides. Also mentioning anger does help going against the claim that video games are not a source, but there is also a need for a comparison that other activities such as school and sport are also able to produce the same results as playing video games. A researcher named Daphne Bavelier conducted an experiment, which shows games have benefits such as helping with a person in the categories of memory and concentration,  more evidence was provided by the Youtube channel (Ted, Your Brain on Video Games). There she conducted an experiment with the crowd in order to help justify and explain her point that video games also improve skills.  Video games are said to have no use in the real word but now they have become a method to help revolutionize our society due to the potential it has

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            Video games may be violent at times but people mostly parent need to know that it is okay for there children, friend, or someone they know that video games are not going to cause a person to actually go out and commit a crime like in GTA. Video games are a method to create entertainment, but the way we look at it now video games will always have an unsung truth, which may or may not change the views on how we see it. A person commits violence, even though we don’t tend to believe it we are capable of committing acts of violence and make bad decisions.