Many people do not know much about what is recyclable and what is not recyclable, or what they can do to recycle better? There are so many ways to recover, but do you learn the correct way. It starts with you and me if we do not, we will be living in trash; you would not want to live in garbage. Or would you? That would be terrible; we all want a clean place to go to and have fun or flex. Knowing what you can and cannot recycle is hard, but it depends on where you live. “About 25% of Americans try to recycle things that are not recyclable.” (Vox) It is called Aspirational recycling, meaning when someone is not sure if it is recyclable, they usually recover it because they feel it is the right thing to do.

For example, a coffee cup is made of cardboard; many people think it can be recyclable. However, it is not like that; it often contaminates what is in the recycling bin. How did we start doing this well it started with the single steam separation, which means that paper, metal, plastic, and glass goes in the same recycling bin. Therefore, the communities adapted to it not knowing the damage it could do. In Palm Beach pre-sort their trash and recycle and only contamination of only 9%. But in Broward used the single steam and the contamination was 30%. Single- steam programs do make sure to sort everything and sent it to a Materials Recovery Facilities, where trash once again by machines and workers that have to remove debris by hand. When the items are getting sorted, they use individual gears to separate flat items, which as paper and cardboard from other containers. Then go to air jets that spilt lightweight bottles and cans away from the glass. Then aluminum cans are resisted into their stream. While management content cans and other metals, then goes through a beam of infrared light. In which can detect up to seven types of plastic. After that, they sorted into different paths, to create large bales of classified materials. Then it is sold to paper mills, metal shops, and plastic makers.

Many people try to recycle a plastic bag at home, but you are not supposed too. Some plastic bags are made of recycled material, but recycling companies do not want them. Why?  Well when taken to the Material Recovery Facilities, the bags get wet and dirty, which becomes contaminated to sell. Also, there is no mechanical process for separating them.  A recycling industry representative said that there is not enough staff or money to clean and dry the contaminated bags. The bags are often get tangled in the machines or end up in the bales of separated paper contaminating them. Based on the PBS news hour,” only one half of percent of a bale is contaminated by other materials, it cannot be sold to reuse companies.” What happens to the bags that are collected? Most of them are removed and thrown into the trash, even if some recycles inside. Recycle bags are still recyclable, but they must be taken and dropped off in specially designated collection spots. There is always some at your local grocery stores. From there, companies buy and recycle them into durable plastics like patio furniture. Recycling industry suggests throwing plastic bags in the trash; it may sound like the incorrect thing to do, but recycling centers say that it can help more materials get recycled instead of getting contaminated.

            According to M. Sanjaya, a researcher says that if you offer people a bag for free 75% of people will take it but if you charge people ten cents of a bag only 16% will take it. The ten-cent fee makes people think twice about if they need the bag. Like I said before it depends where you live. For example, In Missoula, Montana, people cannot recycle glass because it turns out costing the city too much.  Also, Lauren Singer, a founder of trash for tosses and CEO of the Simply Co., states, “… a fundamental flaw of government and their relationship with businesses. Businesses aren’t held accountable for products that they’re putting into the waste stream. So they are allowed to sell glass in Montana, where there’s no problem recycling, and completely wipe their hand free and not have to subsidize any infrastructure to recycle their product adequately.” She also says that that responsibility for disposing of the product falls on the residents and government which is unfair. People would leave or throw out their products anywhere because of this; the companies were scared that they would not buy their single-use items.

 So, they created commercials to make people realize to pick after themselves so they would not be to blame for.  Lauren says that the buyers should not have the responsibility of the sellers, that needs to change. When does, “we won’t talk about providing adequate systems because businesses will create products that are easily and conveniently recyclable because it will make more economic sense for them if that burden is put on the business instead of the consumer and the government? “Everything we use creates pollution, shoes, phones, even a coffee mug, a model would be the phone using a phone for a year generates 1,250 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2). One solution we made was a price on carbon. Factories would emit as such pollution as they please, but now companies had to pay or are limited on what they emit in the air.

Nas Daily is a blogger that creates one-minute videos, in one video he goes to a small island called Singapore explains how they keep their country clean. This island is made of trash, no there is no trash everywhere. What I mean is that they reduce their waste. How you may say well, they take the entire country waste, burn it in an incineration planet which is working everyday all hour of the day but it also it harnesses the heat to generates electricity to the city. When you burn trash, it creates toxic smoke which is bad for the environment but in Singapore they filter out the smoke in a complicated process to make clean that you can breathe. This takes 90 % of the trash but remaining 10% turns into ashes, they collect the ashes. The ashes are also toxic, so they ship it to a human-made island into a unique water that is separated from the ocean water. Therefor the ashes stay over the water: it does not smell at all, and the environment does not get hurt. They make trash disappear in one day instead of 500 years. (Daily)


If we did, what Singapore is does we would also have a green environment. But what we can do now is sort our recycling to make it easier for the procedure. Don’t use plastic bags so often and if u so take them to your local grocery store, they have bins for recycling bags. Other options just to opting using paper or cloth bags instead. I would say not to use paper bags because you are killing trees and we need them for a long time. Pick up any trash you see on the floor it won’t hurt you if you do but it will if you do not in the long term. It all starts with us we need to start caring about the condition we live in. Also, keep in mind if you are sure if something is recyclable or not the best thing to do is to throw it away. You would have done more damage if you just put it in the recycling bin. Think green save the earth.