Sergio Ruvalcaba 

September 23, 2019

Professor Ramos 

Sharks are becoming endanger apex predator, it’s mainly because humans slaughter sharks for their fins. The fishermen cut off the fins of the shark and dump the shark’s body back into the ocean while the sharks are still alive and slowly dying on the ocean floor. The reason why the fishermen only cut off that one specific shark’s body part is because of shark’s fin is being sold as part of the famous Chinese cuisine shark fin soup that has been around for decades during the ming dynasty the soup is only exclusively sold to the rich people. Over 100 million sharks are being slaughtered every year for their fins and if sharks go extinct this could have a bad effect on the food chain and ecosystem of the ocean 

On the documentary on shark bait with Gordon Ramsey where he went through the investigation of shark finning right when Gordon went to the local shop in Taipei where the shop sells shark fins, Gordon ask anyone in the shop if they have any idea on what fins do they originating from what shark, nobody has no clue what kinda shark do the fins comes from. When Gordon found this large shark fin then he asks the lady right next to him “what kind of shark is this?”  the lady brings out the book and shows Gordon the picture of the great white shark, this shocks Gordon because the great white sharks are the endangered sharks and are the ones that are supposed to be protected “I can’t believe how easy it is to walk in the shop here and buy the fin of the great white one of the most endangered species in the world -Gordon Ramsey 2011” during Gordon Ramsey investigation he heads to the ocean pacific in Costa Rica where is the capital of fishing in the world, Gordon went to meet the marine biologist named Randall who help Gordon with his investigation and according to Randall he has made a claim that the reduction of the sharks populations of 60% from the  year of 1991 to the 2000s in nine years. Randall shows Gordon the footage of the fisherman catching the shark and as Gordon watches the footage he watches in horror when he witnesses the helpless hammerhead shark getting its fins cut off while still being alive once the fisherman cuts off all of the hammerhead’s fins the fisherman then dumps the hammerhead shark’s body back into the ocean after finishing the footage Randall has said this to Gordon “ just imagine taking a loin and the Savanna Africans cutting its arms and throwing out in the savanna to bleed and die that would be extremely cruel”. 

According to Plos one, they made a claim that the future of our ocean of sharks getting overfished by 86.4%  that can cause the shark population to collapse soon if we continue this indiscriminate act for the activity of increasing fishing and the high demands of shark fins.  Having a world without sharks that help balance our ocean’s ecosystem from fish overpopulating and the food chain will be collapse if these magnificent creatures disappear from our earth. Even though shark fin soup is part of a Chinese tradition  the shark fin soup where the soup is a thick broth of beef and ham flavor and the shark fin is just there add as part of the texture for soup however the meat of the shark fin is flavorless and also shark fin can also be used as a medicines in tradition it says to believe that shark fins can give you health benefit to the have anti-cancer properties.   according to the scientist they have done research that the shark fins soup is not healthy to eat it mainly because the sharks may have contains a high amount of mercury that is poisonous which is hazardous to the human health 

  the solution to this problem the fishermen and the consumers can still have their shark fin soup  if the fishermen use the shark’s whole body even though if they see no value for the shark’s bodies there can be many uses for the sharks body and kill the sharks while cutting their fins off so they don’t have slowly die also the fishermen have to wait for another year to let the shark regain its populations again before fishing them again, definitely don’t go after one of the endangers sharks like the great white and the hammerhead.