Quick Write

Why did you pick your topic? Why does it matter? Use this template to help you state your reasoning.

I am writing about __________ and this is important because . . .

In-Text Citation

Also called parenthetical citations.

One Author: (Ramos 1)

Two Authors: (Smith and Ramos 2)

Three or more Authors: (Ramos et al. 2)

Speed Review

Take two minutes and write down your thesis and claims. What are you writing about and what points of support do you have? What scenes are you focusing on?

You will have 2 minutes to present your topic and points to a partner. Then they will have two minutes to present your topic and points to you.

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you are speaking or writing about.

Imagine you have one minute to present yourself and your ideas to someone who can implement your solution or make a change. What would you say in that one minute elevator ride to convince this person that your ideas are worthy of attention. You have ten floors to make a compelling case. Take a few minutes to figure out how to make your proposal professional, succinct, and interesting. Then, write it down.


Introductions are very important. An introduction has to make a good impression, grab your reader’s interest, and make them want to keep reading.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Using Rhetoric Notes


  • Research
  • Unbiased


  • Emotional
  • Storytelling
  • So What?


  • Logical
  • History
  • Facts
  • Statistics
  • Evidence
  • Authority/Pros
  • Background
  • Include the Conversation

Peer Review


Argument – a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.

Remember, an argument uses reasons and evidence to persuade. Have you provided enough reasons and evidence to convince us of your position?

Keep these things in mind.

  • Peer edit the same way you revise your own work.
  • Be specific in identifying problems or opportunities.
  • Offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Praise what is genuinely good in the paper.

Check for:

  • Is the writer’s tone appropriate?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Looking at the essay as a whole, what is the thesis or main idea?
  • Is each paragraph adequately developed? Are there sufficient details and/or  supporting quotations?

Quick Write

What is your plan of action for revising your essay?


Exam Review

In small groups, come up with 3-4 lessons, readings, activities, etc. that helped you improve the most as a writer.

Also, one reading that we should get rid of, if any.

Questions to answer for exam review.

What was the best lesson?

What was the best reading?

What was the hardest essay?

What lesson helped you learn the most?

What reading taught you something new?

What was the worst lesson?

What was the worst reading?

What was the hardest reading?

What was your favorite part of the class?

What was your least favorite part of the class?