Scientists have debated over many years about the ecological statistics our world faces regarding the subject of climate change, or another controversial way of putting it, global warming. There are tons of statistics that show the evolution of our climate all over the world concerning the warmer winters and scorching hot summers. Growing up in California you would have some knowledge to do with how much the seasons have changed from being a kid, and this is not a good thing. The extreme contrast in climate means that the sun is projecting off of the earth at a closer range due to lack of care for the environment. Planet earth is heating up due to the ozone layer depleting, basically due to all of the smog that is polluting the air. The way we humans can fix this problem is less use of gas and electricity and more use of substitutes such as solar panels and natural wind power. There are many who do not believe in all of the scientific statistics being demonstrated behind all of these theories and those who continue to ignore it are facing a not so promising future on this planet.

    According to an article by an important climatologist who spends their time specializing in climate change, they claim, “The greenhouse effect is going to result in agricultural loses, rising sea levels, public health problems and social upheaval.”(Schneider.) This claim is supported through the world temperature increasing by 10 percent within every 100 years. Most will see this as not a big deal but thinking critically 10 degrees higher is a BIG difference. When getting ready in the morning keeping the weather in mind most would probably put a sweater on in 60 degree weather opposed to 70 degrees. The long term effects the climate change will have on earth will cause loss in crops and produce from well known companies such as Dole, a well known fruit corporation, and many others. This will be caused by the lack of ability to evolutionalize from the temperatures rising rapidly and inconsistently. A solution to this would be use of solar energy, schools are installing solar panels for less use of energy that is polluting the air. The more popular and aware this idea becomes the better the earth has at a chance of long lasting.

   Another claim according to a phenological response is “The pattern of observed change in spring efficiently matches measured national warming…”(Annette, et al.)  By measuring the temperatures in spring they were able to see that the temperatures are just as hot as a previous summer. Spring is the transition from winter into summer usually being an in between of warm and chilly in certain areas. The fact that it is heating up is a bad sign but also evidence for global warming and the claims scientists have been making regarding the topic.

    Studies also showed that leafing and discoloration advances by 30% through studies in European countries that are typically cold. An advanced summer/spring has taken into impact with this study on European response to climate change meaning that climate change isn’t just happening in certain areas, globally the world is changing due to the way we treat the earth and the unnecessary amounts of gas and energy that is being used.

    The Expansion of the Hadley Cell Under Global Warming article is a study on the Hadley Cell. The Hadley cell is a convection in which air is rising and sinking at medium latitudes. This article is stating that this is expanding, transferring energy in subtropical zones creating stronger heat. “The expansion of the Hadley Cell is caused by an increase in the subtropical static stability.” (Lu, Jian, et al.) The expansion in energy can be lessened as long as we continue building solar panels and making use of natural resources on this planet. According to sources from a review on Solutions to Global Warming “The capacity factor of solar PV ranges from 0.1 to 0.2, depending on location, cloudiness, panel tilt, and efficiency of the panel. Current-technology PV capacity factors rarely exceed 0.2, regardless of location worldwide, based on calculations that account for many factors, including solar cell temperature, conversion losses, and solar insolation.” (Z. Jacobson, Mark.) This states that solar panels are working even better than current technology PV factors making no excuse not to make the switch.

    With all of the statistics gathered based on the use of solar panels and natural resources the impact on the ozone layer will slow down the process if we ALL made an effort to change to more natural energy and make use of resources right in front of us. There is no debate about this topic, the solution is in front of us. The earth is overheating and it will affect everything in the long run if something is not done. The way to solve this problem is to start caring and taking action by making use of natural energy.

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