In the novel Christina Henriquez has a big topic that shows what will happen in the future if little children see what is not correct. There are many sign and symptom to domestic abuse. But after years of struggling with any type of abuse can there be change. Rafael Toro from the novel experience such a truma. When he was little he grew up with his father always being angry.


    Rafael told us that his father always came home with such anger. This type of domestic abuse is considered emotional abuse. After Rafael seeing his father break anything that seem to tick him off Rafael father would break the object. He would destroy teacups, the television, and even threw a vase out of the house through a screen door. Rafael tells us a moment where his mother made dinner for the family and Rafael cousin. Of that night she decided to cook ham, but for some reason his father was so angry. He got up and grab his food with such force it even shook rafael. Rafael father threw his dinner out the window of the house. After that moment, Rafael thought that was how a man is supposed to act. “Rafael mother was crying and picking pebbles and dirt off the seared skin on the ham. My cousin were over that night and remember them all laughing at her” (Rafael 19). After that specific event Rafael change his character just to be like his role model which was his father.


    During Rafal youth he would kick thing and break item around the house due to his father action. After his father had passed away his action would worsen due to the grieving process. Even his mother had feel ill, after many visits to the hospital the doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her. But Rafael knew she fell into depression, but one day he went to wake up his mother but he felt nothing but coldness and her body not even moving. He had lost both of his parents even his home no place to live no one to really depend on. Like every child that suffers a lost one and domestic abuse he went through depression. Rafael skip school and fell to drug to help his problems. Domestic abuse doesn’t last long in a person studys shows a person can change their habit because of one person, thing, and event. In Rafael case he met the women who would change his life. After him work on a low income job and causing fight in streets and drugs he met Celia. Whiling playing a baseball game Celia went to him and decide to talk to Rafael. Celia wanted him because of his personality but like every man today they will always go and try to impress the women they see. So Rafael decide to get a better job to pay for their dates as well to afford a gold ring to marry her. But when their town got invaded they had to leave panama and was force to live in america.


    Now Rafael and Celia live in america and making enough money to provide for their family. Celia eventually does have two kids by the name Enrique and Mayor. Domestic abuse comes in different type of form. But after experiencing domestic abuse anyone can really change depending on what type of abuse. There are physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In rafael case it was more of an emotional abuse he father would be angry all the time and embarrass his wife and rafael would have the same characteristic as his father until he had passed away then soon after his mother. Then he soon met his wife Celia who change his life around in which cases it happen to anyone who meet someone who is that special to that person.

    After a series of event in Rafael life he never saw what and where his life would go. He would have faith in his mother and father until they passed away then he fell to drugs to help his anger issues and depression while living on low income. Until he met his soon to be wife celia and have great children with her and live a happy life at least to his vision.