While growing up, my father and uncles always took me out to baseball games. As a little girl I was not interested into the game at all, all I wanted to do was play dolls and do tea party’s but for some reason my uncles and father always told me it is more than a ball being thrown around the field and swinging away, and I did not understand it as they did. I could say it was a family tradition and they wanted to pass it on to me one day. When things started getting rough at home between my mother and father by divorcing, my dad introduced me to play tee-ball, it was only supposed to be temporary until the divorce was completely over, the main reason was because I could be out the house because of the arguing between my parents. The first week of joining I was 5 years old, and I did not like the fact dressing up as a boy and being rough as a boy, it did not grab my interest as much as my uncles and father, but I kept it going only because I did not want to be home at all. After a month playing, that is all I wanted to do every single day, play catch, swing my bat and run bases, it became a part of me the more I played. 

After years of playing the game of baseball I finally understood it was more than a sport. It was my freshman year in High School, remember when I mentioned my uncles and father were totally addicted to baseball, they even knew the coaches at my High School, they all grew up together and played on the same team when they were my age playing tee-ball, small world right. Obviously, I played softball than baseball, but I did not find it any different from baseball, let me tell you us girls played as hard as boys did, nothing less. Sophomore year was around the corner and it was one of my toughest years of High School. My dad was getting married and I was not mentally prepared to have a new step family, I was still broken that my parents did not work out. After a few months into my sophomore year I was failing classes and hated my new lifestyle. The only thing that kept me on my feet was softball, when I stepped on that field every-day after school all the problems I was feeling suddenly faded away in the sweat, dirt, and the breeze hitting my body with dirt all over my pants and shirt. When I had that glove on throwing the ball with full forced and swinging away all my problems and diving into the dirt like a penguin on ice, everything that was on my mind went away and I was happy again. Softball was my happy place, it was my inner peace.

Till this day I always look back and remember the wise advice my coach told me, “Life is like a sporting event, the effort you put into practice are the results you see in the final event.”, and it refers to our life’s today, the more harder you work the better the outcome will be, you will be prepared for whatever is thrown at you because you prepared for it. Constantly being in a competitive environment had helped me in the classroom setting and with life always wanting to be my very best. Without softball being there to push me I do not believe I would be where I am at in my life today without the teammates and coaches I worked with every-day that pushed me on my feet every inch of the way. Developing to become a hardworking confident optimistic person made me work harder to get better at any task I am trying to complete. For me, softball was not just a game it was my foundation my everything, something I could never leave behind. With the girls on my team they never gave up on one another, I could not have done it with-out them. I love my girls, we still till this day keep in touch, we never left one another, we were mean on the field but the total opposite off the field. The only reason why we were mean on the field was because we wanted to prove that us as a team took it serious, it was what we all loved doing every single day.


From all the life challenges I went through growing up in home and school, I never quit on what I loved doing the most, because it kept me on my toes and pushed the emotions and problems I was going through to the side, it relived my stress and anxiety. I truly believe whatever you love doing in life on your free time as a hobby or any talents you have, you keep doing that particular supplement, because it develops you who you are today. Never lose sight of your capability. What I learned over the years I might not be the best athlete, but I truly developed into a better person by creating self-esteem, confidence and being happier with life. Softball was always there for me, it started with my parents’ divorce, my father’s new marriage, failing classes, and my uncles passing. Every hard stage in life that was thrown at me softball never left me, it kept me going and made me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. Even though softball made me into a better person, it was also the people I surrounded myself with, they were hard workers, positive attitudes and we all had the same thing in common; we all loved playing softball to the fullest and that was all of our passion. I believe what you love doing do not give up on it, it taught me it is extremely important to relief any stress, anxiety and anger you have built up inside, you need to let it out somehow. If I can do it you can do it to, anything is possible. Iv’e went through hard obstacles in life where I felt like in could never dig myself out the hole my problems were digging me into, but softball was my shovel it digged me out of all my problems.